• Meet Ruth - She recently shared her subscription story with us

    "My husband subscribed me to MyTreat back in January 2018 (see photos for Ruth’s first few boxes!)– I’d been wanting to subscribe for months but with a young child I always found it difficult to get something that was only for me. It felt really selfish when there were so many things we needed to buy something I wanted. After he subscribed me, I was introduced to new brands, new products and plenty of treats along the way. I’d get my box and shut myself away to enjoy a little bit of time to myself each month. I’ve stayed as a MyTreat subscriber because I also found that my subscription soon started to replace my need to buy products I’d otherwise have brought things like an everyday moisturiser, cleansers, as well a few treats to try each month from a drink syrup to collagen supplements, fake nails, or a luxury serum. I won’t cancel anytime soon because I know the value in each box and each month it’s a reminder to fill up my own cup even if it’s just once a month. If there are items I won’t use I save them for gifts and haven’t had any complaints! I love that my whole family benefit from my subscription – when I choose to share!! For example, the Kawakawa balm, magnesium spray, SPF cream, drink syrups, soaps, body wash, teeth whitening powder the list goes on, even the bath bombs! So everyone benefits from my subscription – although there are things I keep just for me!”

  • Meet Amiee

    "I have been a subscriber for ages! I'm trying to think perhaps it was 2017..Im a full time working mum with 3 boys, a nephew and a husband..yes im the only girl and totally love when my box arrives with everything just for some me time! I do share my treats with my many sister in laws and nieces though :-) I love that when i run out of something ive always got a replacement on hand and that i get to try so many different NZ brands that I didn't know where out there!"

  • Meet Renee

    "I’m a legal secretary, I have been a my treat subscriber for 3ish years. I subscribed purely to unwind and relax and remind myself that there is a life outside of work. I get to soak, cleanse and scrub the day away and love my skin while I do it."

    What do you love about your MyTreat box?

    "I love the surprise every month of what’s included"

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  • Meet Jodie

    "MyTreat, best thing since sliced bread.

    I have been a monthly subscriber to My Treat since the early days. I live in a small town and work full time with three Children so I don’t get much chance to treat myself to shopping trips. Each month when my beautiful box arrives, it’s hit first with the teenage guard dogs who excitedly message to let me know ‘the box, it’s here’. It’s like getting a little present to myself each month, a true gift of great value indulgence and, if someone is worthy enough, last minute presents.

    Thank you for the best box I’ve ever enjoyed. The June Box rocked my world! I seriously have the best winter skin I’ve ever had in years. The Lanocreme bee venom face mask teamed with the Lemon and Beaker vitamin c serum is doing wonders for my 40 plus year old skin. I wouldn’t know of these amazing products if it wasn’t for this amazing subscription, I’m just excited to see what treats are coming next month!"

  • Meet Pam

    "I work out on the roads, doing traffic management/truck driver and anything else I get asked to do to help out eg roller, plate compactor etc. I'm also a single mum of 2 grown boys. That I've always put first. The youngest is special needs, so was very draining with extreme behaviors. I found My Treat on line. And I've been a subscriber for 3 months now and I love it. I have reactive skin and find that nothing has caused me any irritation. I decided to get this for myself, as I thought f**k it, I'm going to treat myself with stuff I wouldn't normally buy."

    What do you love about your MyTreat box?

    "Everything. What's not to love??? I love that theres a wee write up about each product and everything is so easy to use. All amazing products also. So Thank you"

  • Meet Casey

    "I'm a single mum of one. Been getting mytreat on and off for a few years now. I have always loved beauty products, i love smelly things haha. My old nana use to give me her old perfume bottles when i was young, reminds me of her. She was a badass in her younger days. But umm yea. I look after baby, cat and dog i forget to treat myself. So mytreat is a nice little thing to look forward too each month."

    What do you love about your MyTreat box?
    "Trying new products that arent crazy expensive from my own country."

  • Meet Zara

    "I’m 21 and finished my bachelor of commerce last year and am now working doing front of house, marketing and events for a 4.7 star restaurant. I have a passion for events, young people and animals. I spend my spare time running a local youth group, helping with community events and volunteering at a local animal shelter. After work I love to relax and pamper myself, a movie and some skin, hair and nail care. I’m still fairly new, I’m 3 months in so far and loving it."
    What do you love about your MyTreat box?
    "I love getting to try a variety of products and brands I may not have tried before. It feels like a mystery gift to myself and always comes when I really need a pick me up. I also love that there are so many NZ made products. I especially like the Nudi point products so far."

  • Meet Lisa

    I’m a cleaner and my treat is all I can afford for something for myself. I don’t eat chocolate or drink wine or get my nails done or haircuts but I do love the surprise of my treat and it’s just for me. You guys are so awesome - I love that each box has great local and made in nz products I live the variety and the surprise of what I get when it comes

  • Meet Chloe

    "I am a mother of 4 boys, I am a wife and I am an assistant manager/ qualified teacher in an early childhood centre. I treat myself through here as with a busy home life and a busy work life I don't have that much time for me, so I thought this would be a way that I could treat myself and treat my tinana, my body. I love that these are items I wouldn't necessarily buy but would love to try. When it comes to buying things for myself I usually go for the necessities, the needs."

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  • Meet Staria

    "I'm a 24 year old step mother to two children, and a current 4th year vet student. Bought the subscription on my very limited income as a treat for myself as I never buy anything to treat myself, or anything just for me. Been a subscriber for 3 months"

    What do you love about your MyTreat box?

    "Live the suprise, the variety, and that im the only one who's interested in using the products ! (Apart from the handcreams and things)"

  • Meet Selina

    "We live in chaos. 3 children, two teenagers and one younger special needs child. My husband works from home after his work closed his local site and it’s too far to commute to the nearest work location. My selfless husband signed me up for my treat last year when he saw I needed a pick me up and he was emotionally drained (from everything life gives us) and didn’t think he could do anymore, so he asked google for help and found my treat. He of course was doing enough, and should’ve focused on looking after himself."

    What do you love about your MyTreat box?

    "Items I’d never personally look for, reminds me I need to try new things and pamper myself."

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