3 MyTreat Members Share What Womanhood Means To Them In 2023

3 MyTreat Members Share What Womanhood Means To Them In 2023

In 2023, the concept of womanhood has evolved to encompass a broader and more inclusive understanding of what it means to be a woman. It is no longer defined solely by biological characteristics or traditional societal roles, but rather by a range of diverse experiences and identities. Women from all walks of life have their unique perspectives and definitions of what womanhood means to them.

In this era of increased awareness and advocacy for gender equality, it is more important than ever for women to share their stories and perspectives on what it means to be a woman. By sharing their experiences and insights, they can help inspire and empower others and contribute to a more inclusive and understanding society.

Through open and honest conversations, women can explore topics such as motherhood, career aspirations, relationships, self-care, and societal expectations. By acknowledging the complexities and diversity of women's experiences, we can create a more nuanced and accurate understanding of womanhood that reflects the reality of our modern world.

In this context, the sharing of what womanhood means to individual women is crucial to building a community of support and understanding for all women, regardless of their background, experiences, or identity.

Here we ask three MyTreaters to share what womanhood mean to them:

Charmaine Ward

Charmaine Ward

"Life is fast paced in 2023. Everywhere you look, there is people rushing about.  Especially through week days, whether it's mum's going off to work after dropping their kids at daycare or school, or just rushing to get to the gym then off to work, or even just fighting through busy traffic to get to work on time. Life is a busy rollercoaster for almost every woman day to day.

I think as women especially, we need to slow down a bit once in a while and take time for ourselves. We spend so much time looking after others. Taking time to pamper ourselves is not only necessary but vital for our health and wellbeing.
People are talking about taking time for self-care, be it getting outside, reading a book, putting on a face mask or trying new products. By connecting with ourselves and slowing down, we can stop that rushing feeling and prevent burnouts from happening.

I think this is essential now more than ever. Self-care helps us unwind and relax.
I like to do this on a Sunday afternoon — just take time for me, for a couple of hours.

The MyTreat range of monthly beauty boxes are the perfect self-care range and with so many great items when you get the boxes, you can not only look forward to the box but look forward to that little treat and time out from life to just spend on you..."

Lara Houghton

Lara Houghton

"What does it mean to be a woman... Well, this is a great question and I want to start by adding a little bible verse to show you what God says about being a woman. Proverbs 3:15, in the King James Version, says, 'She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.'

Isn't that a beautiful thought? To know God created us to be far more precious than rubies!

Being a woman is about learning how to be strong despite your weaknesses, and as a solo mum that can be quite hard at times. To be loving and nurturing towards others whilst not forgetting to care for yourself, which is so super important because we too are important. I think the best part about being a woman though is the opportunity to be a mum!

Being a woman in 2023, celebrating International Woman's Day, is also significant to me, not just this year but the years ahead too is because on the 8th of March 2020, I got sober for not just myself but for my daughter. I needed to be a present mum, I needed her to know that I love her, and so she could have the best opportunity to grow up with a woman whose not only her mummy, but a role model that can raise her up in the way that she should go.

I celebrate 3 years this month and I believe that being a woman today, especially in this day and age, is fiercely protecting your family and raising your daughter's to be brave, courageous, and authentic.

And I just want to thank MyTreat for bringing joy in my life. Having joined in 2019, I have felt more like a woman over these past years learning about how to take care of myself through your tips and tricks, but unbeknown to you all, you've helped me get through some seriously tough times (especially your 'Mental Health May' box) just by being a great service to other woman in need of a pick me up."

Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey

"My story is complicated. I am 50 years old, and my son, who is 21, is autistic, and for around 20 years, I have been a solo mother. I went from high pressure jobs in medicine and working for a bomb disposal company in South East Asia to becoming a full-time mother, carer and teacher.

Along the way, after an accident involving multiple fractures to my leg, I developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, meaning I live with chronic pain. Shortly before turning 50, I decided it was finally time to do something for myself, and so I subscribed to MyTreat. Now, every month, I really look forward to receiving my box so I can pamper myself a little because I deserve it! 

To me, being a woman has meant a great deal of sacrifice for the sake of my child. I gave up a career and many work opportunities because he needed me at home. The most important thing I have learned over the past 20 years is that I am a lot stronger than I ever thought I was. There is little I can’t do, and little I wouldn’t do to make my child’s life better or easier. I think young women today need to stop focusing on what others think and learn to realise they can achieve what they want to, and that they are stronger than they may think. Inner strength is one of the biggest attributes women have, along with the ability to be more selfless. 

What I have come to understand is that by sacrificing everything for my son, I have not done myself any favours and if I could go back, I would advocate more for myself instead of just for my child. There shouldn’t be any guilt about taking care of yourself, and I’m glad that I am finally realising this fact, although a little later in life. I hope younger women learn this much sooner than I did, because even though it is important to take care of others, it’s just important to take care of yourself."

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