MyTreat & Me: How Fern Sutherland Practices Self-Care Despite Being A Busy Working Mum

MyTreat & Me: How Fern Sutherland Practices Self-Care Despite Being A Busy Working Mum

We had the pleasure of interviewing Fern Sutherland, a devoted member of our MyTreat community for nearly four years. 

When asked how she first discovered MyTreat, Fern shared her journey. "I am Fern, a busy mum to three kids. I work full-time as a Chartered Accountant in my own job and help my husband with his business when I can. I am a shocker for not having the ability to say no and have found myself on lots of community organisations helping on committees. By the time I take care of the family, work, and the business, finding time to take care of myself is not always a priority.

"But... with my own MyTreat box, it is so nice to be able to look forward to a gift that comes every month just for me. Yes, I pay for it, but that isn't the point. It is the not knowing what goodies I am going to get this month that I can either put away in my drawer for those little gifts for people to show them I appreciate them, or if I am unwilling to put them into that drawer, to use for myself. I have been with MyTreat for years and first found them on Facebook and signed up just to see what they were like and have loved everything they have done since then. And the thing I love the most about MyTreat is that they showcase some really cool NZ products that I have since bought things from."

Fern's self-care journey has introduced a significant self-care ritual into her life. "I was never very good at moisturising my face after a shower each night and after getting a night creme in one of the boxes, started using it, and it has now become routine. I cleanse my face in the shower, and then I have to follow it up with a night moisturiser. I don't have many self-care routines, but that one for me is a must each night. Not sure if I got this particular one from MyTreat box, but after trying one of Lanocreme's products in one of the treat boxes, I found their night creme and have been using it for ages. I love it! And I had to take it round Europe with me recently because I didn't want to go without it."

Fern beautifully captures the simple essence of self-care and shared a vibrant picture of herself when she enjoyed a helicopter ride at the Supercars racing in Pukekohe. Amidst her bustling life, Fern makes sure to take moments for herself and embrace the activities she enjoys. This captivating image signifies the importance of self-care and the joy it brings to her life.

Fern's self-care journey serves as a reminder that amidst our busy lives, cherishing those little moments and rituals can make a world of difference. MyTreat continues to be her trusted companion on this self-care adventure.

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