MyTreat & Me: How Michelle Crutchley Navigates Through The Rollercoaster Of Perimenopause

MyTreat & Me: How Michelle Crutchley Navigates Through The Rollercoaster Of Perimenopause

We had the pleasure of chatting with Michelle Crutchley, a devoted, long-time member of our self-care family. Here, Michelle shares her self-care journey, cherished subscription box moments, and the invaluable role that self-care plays in navigating the rollercoaster of perimenopause.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you first discovered our service? 

A. I’m 53, retired, and live with my husband. I spend 4 1/2 months in England every year on our canal boat. When home, I enjoy gardening, op shopping, reading, jigsaw puzzles, spending time with the grandkids and spending far too much time using all the lotions and potions from the MyTreat boxes. I can’t even remember how I first discovered MyTreat; it’s just been part of my life for so long now. I love getting the boxes and coming home from 4-5 months in the UK means it’s definitely a treat.

Q. How has your MyTreat Box helped you prioritise self-care in your daily routine?

A. I’ve always loved trying new products and with the onset of retirement and perimenopause, I have tried to cut back on the spending and also switch to products with fewer chemicals and nasties, and MyTreat ticks both of those boxes. It gives me a chance to try new products, find new favourites and do so at a fraction of the cost to buy them all separately.

Q. Can you share a specific self-care ritual or practice you've incorporated with our subscription?

A. One of the rituals I’ve embraced is soaking in the tub. Also introduced my husband to it (not at the same time). I love the bath salts and all of that sort of thing. Face masks too, while soaking in the tub and reading are a definite go-to for me now.

Q. What does self-care mean to you personally, and why is it important in your life?

A. Since hitting perimenopause and all of the challenges that it brought, I’ve realised even more the importance of taking time for myself (in addition to HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy). Being able to try different creams and lotions to counteract constantly changing skin and hair conditions and knowing they aren’t going to potentially cause a skin reaction has been such a relief and huge help. I’ve loved MyTreat for such a long time now, it’s just part of my life and has been a godsend for Christmas and birthday presents for my nearest and dearest.

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