Sneak Peek Into Winter Wellness: June 2023 Box Hints

Sneak Peek Into Winter Wellness: June 2023 Box Hints

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or better known as winter blues, can be challenging to cope with. And there are many factors that contribute to feeling SAD during winter.

First of, there's less sunlight, which means less time spent outdoors. Being cooped up inside can take a toll on one's mental health. There's also potential flu bugs as well as dry, flaky skin to contend with. No wonder many people fall SAD.

That's why our June ‘Winter Wellness’ box offers a variety of cosy and comfortable self-care treats to help you get through the cold season and some relief in case you catch a cold!

Time to beat the winter blues and winter bugs with MyTreat, we say!

Every June, we come up with a box that's themed around 'Winter Wellness' to help you:

  • Tackle dry and flaky skin
  • Boost your immune system
  • Breathe easy 
  • And get cosy
Winter Wellness June 2023 subscription box NZ

From decadent top-to-toe hydrating masks to spa-like additions to your bathroom, the Winter Wellness box has everything you need to stay warm and well all winter long.

For our Plus and LUXE boxes, we've added some sweet, immunity-boosting yummies so you can chew the "Achoo!" away.

Choose your box type and make sure to subscribe! We offer 3 different box options to suit your budget. The more you pay, the more treats and value you receive!

🍃 Body Box $38.95 per month (with over $100 of value per box!)

🍃 Body Plus Box $48.95 per month (with over $120 of value per box!!)

🍃 Body LUXE Box $58.95 per month (with over $150 of value per box!!!)

You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly but all our 12-month prepaid subscribers will receive a FREE Linden Leaves gift pack worth almost $250!

Please note that the month's box will be sent to you only once a full month's payment is received. So, if your full month's payment is received in May, you'd start with the May box. And if you reach full payment for a box on 1st June or anytime in June, you start off your subscription with June's box! Or you can prepay for a year so you don't have to worry about when you need to pay to receive a box and ensure you never miss a single box!

Did you know that you can also choose to give the gift of a MyTreat subscription?! You can give them a 💳 gift card 💳, subscribe yourself or them for 🔔 three months 🔔 or subscribe yourself of them for 💥 a whole year! 💥 You can always change the delivery address to reflect your recipient's address or feel free to email us at and we can do it manually for you.

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