Fortnightly Pay

Fortnightly pay gives you the flexibility to match your MyTreat payment to your pay cycle. Choose your box type below, and treat yourself to an exciting monthly delivery.

Your box will only be sent out once we receive the full payment within the month. So for fortnightly pay, make sure you start your payment before the 16th or 17th of the month (though, the cut-off date is also dependent on the length of month — remember: February is shorter!) to receive that month's box! If not, you'll start off on next month's box or whenever we receive the full payment for a box.

If fortnightly payments don't suit you, monthly pay options are available and you don't have to do the math of not missing a payment to receive that month's box. Or go on and get our prepaid option for 3 months or 12 months (You get free gifts and more perks if you pre-pay!).

March 2022 Boxes: