Sneak Peek Into NZ Made: Box Hints For November 2023

Sneak Peek Into NZ Made: Box Hints For November 2023

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other as November's MyTreat Boxes will unveil a curated selection of exquisite New Zealand-made treats.

In the upcoming tantalising assortment, we're bringing you the very best of Aotearoa, featuring a handpicked array of products that celebrate the country's innovative solutions, rich heritage and its remarkable native ingredients.

For Wellness Box subscribers, we hope you’re now as obsessed as us with the world-renowned Wellington-based skincare brand Antipodes after trying their super luxurious, glow-rious Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum because we’re going to introduce more premium products from them next month and beyond.

“Wherever you are in the world, lift the lid on Antipodes to connect with nature in New Zealand.” — Elizabeth Barbalich, CEO & Founder of Antipodes

We can’t wait for you to receive this love letter from us about the unique spirit and essence of this incredible country.

It's not just a box; it's going to be a gold mine of discovery, a salute to sustainability, and an invitation to revel in the extraordinary power of New Zealand's native spirit and spoils.

Perfect box for you to:

- Embrace the buzz of NZ nature
- Pamper your loved ones (Furry friends included)
- Awaken your beauty with a Kiwi twist

Antipodes - Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream

Choose your box type and make sure to subscribe! We offer 3 different Body Box options to suit your budget and needs. The more you pay, the more treats and value you receive!

🍃 Body Box $38.95 per month (with over $80 of value per box!)

🍃 Body Plus Box $48.95 per month (with over $100 of value per box!!)

🍃 Body LUXE Box $58.95 per month (with over $120 of value per box!!!)

You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly but all our 12-month prepaid subscribers will receive a FREE Linden Leaves gift pack worth almost $250!

Please note that the month's box will be sent to you only once a full month's payment is received. So, if your full month's payment is received in October, you'd start with the October box. And if you reach full payment for a box on 1st November or anytime in November , you start off your subscription with November 's box. Or you can prepay for a year so you don't have to worry about when you need to pay to receive a box and ensure you never miss a single box!

Again, consider choosing our well-valued Wellness Box membership subscription

The Wellness Box is sort of an upgraded version of our LUXE Box. This specially curated box will feature even more premium, luxury items worth over $150 per month. And November's box actually holds almost $190 of value! It's so worth it and you deserve it. Sign up for the Wellness Box now!

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