5 Interesting Wellness Businesses Across Aotearoa

5 Interesting Wellness Businesses Across Aotearoa

We're all about 'New Zealand Made' this November. So, what better way to embrace the spirit of November than by championing some awesome Kiwi businesses! We're shining the spotlight on local gems, some known and some new to you. From pet care and body care brands to pregnancy care and oral care companies, show them some love by shopping NZ Made today:

1. Nectar

Nectar was born from one mum's quest for her son's relief. Founded by Andrea Blondel and based in Auckland, the body and bath brand has now flourished into a wellness beacon, a testament to her dedication and commitment to sustainability and gentle skincare. 

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ROAR stands for Randall Original Animal Remedies. Angela Randall is the scientist who has formulated all of the brand’s remedies. Originally a vet nurse for 16 years and clinical animal nutritional consultant for many years, Angela also spent three years gaining her Diploma in Homeopathy and is currently completing her full Vet Bachelor’s Degree.

ROAR homeopathic oral drops are economical, drug-free and do no harm. All formulations are 100% proven effective over 25 years of private use for Angela’s family and friends.

Andrea of Nectar and co-owner of ROAR, who has two beautiful dogs, says, “Public demand for more natural remedies for pet and human afflictions has been snowballing with the Internet being available at everyone’s fingertips. Growing distrust in Big Pharma has added to this surge in the last few years. Going back to homeopathy, natural and “old-fashioned” is being embraced by many pet owners as vet bills soar and people’s disposable income shrinks.”

3. Drift Away Massage Therapy

Founded by Moira O'Connor, a mother of two sons, Drift Away Massage Therapy is a venture born out of a deep passion for health and wellness, recognising the challenges new parents face and helping them become the best versions of themselves on the transformative journey of parenthood. 

Moira's immersion into the world of massage began at the NZ College of Massage, culminating in a specialisation in relaxation massage and a natural transition into the realm of health and wellness.

With a genuine passion ignited during her pregnancy massage training, Moira's work is a testament to empathy and understanding. Her diverse modalities seamlessly intertwine, allowing her to offer support at every stage — be it relaxation massage, mobile massage, corporate chair massage, doula support, or guiding expectant and new mothers through the rejuvenation process, even during labour and birth.

Each client relationship is marked by unconditional support, with Moira's roles evolving daily to provide empathy, guidance, a friendly face, a listening ear, a comforting hug, and a sprinkle of humor. In birthing and massage environments, Moira champions informed consent, creating safe spaces for women to embrace their strength and find their voice during and after birth.

4. Journey To Wellness


Journey To Wellness, curated by founder and MyTreat subscriber Rebekah Ballagh, who is a counsellor, wellness coach, and author-illustrator, emerges as a uniquely transformative haven. A harmonious fusion of extensive experience and education shapes the foundation of this space, where Rebekah's personal journey intertwines seamlessly with her professional expertise.

At the heart of Journey to Wellness lies a thoughtfully crafted collection of resources and courses that embody affordability, research-backed principles, scientific grounding, digestibility, accessibility, and relatability. Rebekah's offerings are more than just materials, they are tools cultivated through personal experimentation, enabling her to overcome her own challenges and evolve into the person she is today. These same tools, tested and proven effective, have been instrumental in guiding thousands of clients towards reclaiming their mental health and overall wellness.

With a profound sense of empathy and unwavering support, Rebekah generously shares these transformative tools with others, inviting individuals to embark on their own journey to wellbeing, backed by a wealth of understanding and encouragement.

5. Solid

Solid Oral Care NZ

Solid offers a range of innovative oral care products that are both eco-conscious and effective, aligning seamlessly with female founder Laura Nixon's belief in sustainable, safe, and quality-driven solutions.

In the spirit of New Zealand-made excellence, MyTreat is proud to feature Solid's plastic-free toothpaste in a mini glass jar in all our November 2023 subscription boxes

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