Embrace NZ Made With Nectar

Embrace NZ Made With Nectar

Asked what “NZ made” meant to her, Andrea Blondel, founder of Nectar, said, “I think my perception of NZ Made is that the product or service is high quality, thoughtful, trustworthy, innovative, safe and sustainable with a heart for the NZ people. Not mass-produced, not harmful, not toxic to the user or the environment.”

And that’s exactly the story behind the two Nectar inclusions in our November 'NZ Made' boxes:

NZ Manuka Essential Oil Soap: Nourish Your Skin Naturally

November's weather in New Zealand can be a bit of a rollercoaster. That's where Nectar’s most popular soap comes in. Crafted with the potent goodness of Manuka essential oil, this soap nourishes and rejuvenates your skin, providing a touch of nature's healing embrace. It's a little luxury to keep your skin radiant during the changing seasons.

Andrea added, “We ensure our Manuka soap is rich in natural oils and butters. Every bar contains at least 30% shea butter—it does not strip the skin of its natural sebum so it can maintain a balanced moisture profile. And we have tracked down the finest batch-produced NZ Manuka essential oil to use in our bars.

“It is produced on an island way out at sea that has no pollution from the city or traffic and is distilled in the time-honoured way by hand. It comes to us fresh from distilling and is the most

gorgeous emerald green. It is surely the king of Manuka oils.”

Manuka has been used for centuries in native medicine as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-microbial medicine. Studies have shown it is at least 20 times more potent than Tea Tree Oil.

Andrea added, “We have also found it gives acne a run for its money too—especially for those in the teenage years! Our bars are gentle enough to use all over—face and body.“

Magnesium Rub: A Touch Of Relaxation For All

The Magnesium Rub (LUXE and Wellness boxes only) was requested by two of Nectar’s massage clinic stockist owners—one whose specialty is on pain management and one who focuses mainly on pregnant women.

Andrea said, “When this was being formulated, I wanted a rub that would also nourish the skin. Our formulation is shea butter heavy, which acts as skin food, and features two types of magnesium for maximum relief.

“Our customers report that the rub’s effect seems to last at least 48 hours after application and tell us it is the best magnesium product they have ever used!”

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