What is your summer indulgence?

What is your summer indulgence?

Happy New Year!! Whether it's an extra few rides on your bike, a river float with friends, or a sneaky cider in the sun, the summer months should definitely include an element of self indulgence! The silly season is behind us and we can focus on the things that will make 2019 an extra exciting year. At MyTreat we are thrilled to have our best boxes ever coming out over the next few months, and are excited to help more women feel beautiful, healthy and strong this year.  

We asked around and wrote down our top 5 tips for treating ourselves better in 2019.

1.      Making YOU time a priority...
Even if you can only find 1 hour a week. Go for a walk, or a wine, take a yoga class or head to the gym; and if peace and quiet is what you crave, find a spot you can hide away from it all. The most important thing to remember with your YOU time, is not to feel guilty. Looking after ourselves should not be something we have to justify, and more often than not it is ourselves that feel doubt over whether we deserve it. We just have to decide it is what we are owed, and go for it. If you need some tools and treats to help pamper yourself, checkout our January box <<HERE>>

2.      Apply the ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’ philosophy.
Check ourselves out of drama, and don’t buy into problems completely beyond our control. We have all been in those situations where we have the right advice that is never heard. The best thing we can do for ourselves, and our nearest and dearest is to focus our energy at home and allow the problems of others to resolve themselves.

3.      If you’re grateful, write it down.
Being a mum can be exhausting, trying for babies can be so unfair, working for a boss who is completely unrealistic is brutal, but the challenges life throws at us can be overcome and something that has helped is a little gratitude diary. Each day the little miracles and top few things to be appreciated are written down. You may have heard about this before, and you may think it’s a load of rubbish, but for those among us who choose to give this a go, I am sure the outlook is brighter and our mindfulness over how wonderful family, friends, and life can be, is improved.

4.      Keep our expectations in check.
Basically for the sake of your own sanity you can dial back on the pressure you are putting on yourself, because you are probably your own toughest critic! When I first had my little girl I was so eager to be the perfect mum and wife. I wanted to have the house clean, baby fed, dinner ready AND grow a successful business. Each day the list was long and as I got further into the newborn haze, I was less and less able to complete what I had set out for myself each day. Someone very wise came to visit and told me to get rid of everything on the list except 2 things each day. What this did was allow me to set my expectations realistically based on my circumstances, and overnight I went from feeling like a failure to being able to fully focus on enjoying my daughter and appreciating the jobs I did achieve…

5.   Ask for help…
During this same period (as mentioned above), I also learned to delegate the rest of the list to hubby! If your man (or children) need to help with more chores this year, write it down for him. Men are practical, they cant read our minds and some probably don’t even know if they need to help out more, so just give him clear instructions on what you would like help with.

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