January Natural New Year Box

January Natural New Year Box

This Natural New Year box has a few extra special treats, and we are SO excited to be working with Oxygen Skincare and Little Honey to bring you products that your whole body will love. Timing is everything, and at MyTreat we are heading into 2019 with a spring in our step and looking forward to offering more amazing treats for our subscribers to try. This box is a well thought out so you can enjoy seasonal treats for your whole body, your hands, your face and your soul. We want to help you start 2019 the way you intend to go on (treating yourself more often!). 

Each January, we sit down as a team, write up our personal and professional goals, and gather our thoughts about how we can be better as a brand in 2019. It is a good time of year to set ourselves a few challenges, and reflect on all the fab things that have been achieved over the last 12 months. We want all our customers to have an opportunity (and excuse) to take some time out and rejuvenate with some By Nature Skincare essential oils, and this is such a great product to help you start 2019 on a calm and happy note. This natural treat will help uplift you, and encourage a biochemical reaction in your brain to help you relax and de-stress. The perfect tool to aid in the goal setting, and reflection process. 

A beautiful 200ml certified organic masque... skincare experts will understand what a masque does, but for those of us who struggle to find the time to cleanse let alone pay time and attention to the tone of our complexion, a masque is a little vague. Is it a mask? Well sort of, this is an innovative wash on- wash off face care product from New Zealand brand Oxygen. With the power of natural manuka honey and cucumber, the unique blend of beneficial hop extracts is ideal for improving your skin tone. This beautiful product rubs onto your face like silk, the aroma of honey is subtle and sweet, and after you have washed this off, the natural oils in your face will be balanced, your pores will tighten, and your skin hydrated for a naturally glowing face. This product is well suited to all skin types and is especially formulated for teens and women to share. 

With your clear mind, and beautiful complexion, it's only fair we send you something to revive your body too. This luxe glove from tan icons Little Honey can be used to apply a beautiful even tan from tip to toe, or you can use it as a gentle exfoliate (or Chloe's hot tip... a super chic oven glove..!!). You will get a voucher to use so you can choose the best Little Honey tan for you, and if you are an all natural skin tone lover like Chloe, you can always use this treat to ensure your skin is gently exfoliated which is ideal at the time of year where our bodies see more lotions, sun-creams, gels and creams. 

January is a great time to send a lovely hand lotion, and this Linden Leaves Crystal Crush nourishing hand cream is an award winner and will fit perfectly in your purse, or pencil case! This New Zealand brand is all luxury, and with a full natural certification, you know each and every ingredient can be organically and ethically traced back to its origin. When we are talking about coating our hands in cream, it is so important to know that there are no nasty chemicals or harsh synthetic fragrances used. This product, and every treat from Linden Leaves has been developed with love, and this lotion is one of their hero products your hands will thank us for. 

Over the November and December period we sold over 30 different varieties of exciting one off boxes... and we noticed a trend. Some sold VERY quickly, when looking at what the common theme in our most popular boxes there were a few things in common. They had Linden Leaves inside, AND they included this amazing little (we call it secret keeper) product. Hide tired eyes, improve collagen regeneration, firm your fine lines and feel more confident going make up free. New Zealand made firming eye serum and is infused with magnolia bark extract, Argan oil, and Q10 to promote skin elasticity and will help you hide those post festive season dark eye circles, and help nourish & hydrate your skin. We love this product because it helps stimulate the bodies natural generation of collagen to firm fine lines and help you feel fab with a real luxury NZ made treat.

If you want in on the treat revolution in 2019, choose your subscription box here.


I can’t wait for this one ☺

Heather Clifford

I am so looking forward to my January Box i can’t wait


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