Truly Blue-tiful: Zeke Skincare's Blue Detox Clay Mask

Truly Blue-tiful: Zeke Skincare's Blue Detox Clay Mask

You’re going to love Zeke Skincare’s Blue Detox Clay Mask, a revolutionary and beautiful product inspired by Zeke founder Simon Spencer Xu's desire for uniqueness and efficacy, available in our March 2024 'Post-Summer Detox' Wellness Box.

The striking blue hue symbolises the calming essence of water extinguishing the "fire" of acne and redness. The formulation draws from Simon's personal skincare journey, incorporating potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like blueberry, willow bark, kelp extracts, and blue clay.

Here, Simon shares some insights on wellness, his business and the future.

How do you define wellness, and what personal practices do you engage in for wellness and self-care?

To me, wellness entails ensuring both physical and mental wellbeing. I incorporate wellness into my daily life by consistently engaging in activities such as regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, practicing self-love, and prioritising skincare.

What is your post-summer detox routine?
To stay on track and prepare for the next hot summer, I set new detox goals that focus on both internal and external cleansing. My detox routine involves clean eating or fasting, along with the rejuvenating effects of hot yoga to eliminate toxins from my system.

Reflecting on the nearly three years since Zeke's inception, what has the journey taught you, and what is your most significant lesson in running your own business?
The journey has been both rewarding and challenging, driven by a dual commitment to business success and a passion for breaking skincare stereotypes. The key lesson learned is the importance of patience, echoing the adage, "Even a snail will eventually reach its destination."

Any exciting projects on the horizon for Zeke in 2024?
Zeke is set to expand internationally, with products soon available in Australia, Canada, USA, and the UK through a renowned department store. Additionally, stay tuned for the launch of a new product.

Zeke Skincare’s Blue Detox Clay Mask is included in our 'Post-Summer Detox' Wellness Box with 6 other treats and for one month only (March 2024), enjoy this box at only $39 — half its normal monthly pay subscription price!

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