Sneak Peek Into Post-Summer Detox: Box Hints For March 2024

Sneak Peek Into Post-Summer Detox: Box Hints For March 2024

For one month only (March 2024), enjoy our popular Wellness Box (a box of specially curated wellness items tailored to suit the month) at only $39 — half its normal price!

This special March 2024 Wellness Box is themed 'Post-Summer Detox' and has been thoughtfully curated with self-repair treasures designed to guide you from the comforting embrace of summer into a refreshed, revitalised version of yourself in the crisp embrace of autumn.

Begin your detox journey with products dedicated to cleansing and purifying — from your hair to your face.

Then transition into relaxation with products aimed at soothing your senses. Enjoy bathroom treats that'll create a spa-like experience at home. Plus, learn a clever tip for a mattress detox using one of the treats in this month's box and a common household item.

Conclude your post-summer detox with products focused on renewal and rejuvenation. Explore a detox clay mask to promote skin renewal and an oral support supplement to support your body's internal detox process.

Stay tuned for the full reveal of our March Wellness Box – it's packed with everything you need to reset, rejuvenate, and embrace the new season ahead!

    Sign up for the Wellness Box now! We are offering you the chance to receive the March 'Post-Summer Detox' Wellness Box at HALF THE PRICE to trial our most popular subscription box. Monthly payments return to normal in April.

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