Treating your whole body. March MyTreat Boxes...

The March boxes are extra special not only because they are HUGE, or because of the amazing value loaded inside, but because each treat has been chosen to help your skin and body transition into the colder months. We are going to deliver some healthy snacks, light reading, and beautiful skincare, and body products for you to treat yourself with.  

We are sending you 3 natural reasons your lips should get excited this month. The delicious (and healthy) raw food cookie from Little Bird Organics. Hide away in your secret spot and have yourself a coco flavoured, gilt free snack... and if you dont have a secret hiding spot yet, you're going to need one. Every so often we send sweet treats in our boxes, that are temping to share, but we know you work hard and hope you can find the time to enjoy this treat all to yourself.

There is also a hydrating lip scrub from Skye Body Care suited to all skin types. This beautiful fruity lip scrub from is a great little tool for those of us who get hit by the flu bugs that go along with the season change. A nourishing lip scrub is a great way to nurse your lips back to full health after breathing through our mouths while we sleep and drying out our lips... you know what I mean! And finish off your lips with a beautiful Karen Murrell lippy, here to highlight your lips and leave them feeling well looked after.

A lot of our customers are most excited about Puraz Collagen Capsules inside this months box, valued over $90 for the 30 day supply, this is a great opportunity to put your hair, skin and nails to the test so you can see what a difference collagen makes for your skin. Puraz is made here in New Zealand from 100% natural collagen and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and deliver smoother, firmer skin. 

Do you feel like the year is starting to get away on you? Take a pause, and soak your body in a Kawakawa Rotorua bathsalt filled bath. This is another product ideal for the change of seasons, if you are feeling achy, or congested, these bath salts will clear your head and decompress your airways. 100% natural and made in New Zealand, if a bath is not your thing, you can use these in a hot basin as a facial steam, ideal for removing dirt from your pores, and helping to clear your head. A great little 15 minutes of you time, and well timed to compliment the season. 

So what else? An impurity busting clay mask with all natural Rhassaoul clay, 2 x handy travel size Lemon & Beaker Foaming Cleansers so you can sample their beautiful lemon infused skincare. Use these treats as the ideal follow up to the Kawakawa facial steam, for the perfect at home facial routine.

Plus we cant forget about your feet... A New Zealand made foot balm and foot tool from ByNature Skincare so you can keep dry skin at bay as we head back into boot season! 

We can wait to pack and send these boxes, this month boxes will be leaving here on Monday 25th, and while we were lucky enough to send the February boxes a few days early, this box has so many treats (10) inside, that we anticipate it will take every planned day of packing to get these finished and ready for our deserving customers. 

Fortnightly pay closes this week so sign up below and make treating yourself more manageable for your budget. Remember you can always email us to switch around your payment date. Since launching fortnightly pay exactly 1 year ago we have received so many messages and emails from single mums, working women, and deserving customers who would otherwise not be in a position to receive these boxes. We are so excited to deliver the same high value boxes to all our deserving customers and know that its not necessarily about affordability, but making it fit with your household pay cycle. 

Choose your box below:

Body Box: $24.00
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Body + Underwear Box: $28.00
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