Rosie's gift guide...

Rosie's gift guide...

I've taken the liberty of creating a gift guide so if you need some hints here is my personal gift ideas... feel free to steal any of these ideas for your own fab family.

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Grandma.... My Grandma is the last one to leave the party. Granted she is usually up doing the dishes because she hates going to bed with a messy kitchen, but at 31 to turn around and have my grandma by my side as my family grows is a real honour and this special lady LOVES Lanocreme after I introduced her to the night creme so the perfect present for her is the New Years Eve Survival Kit would you believe!! Grandma and Grandpa are in their 80's and head off camping each January for a few months (yes months), and the Living Nature Lip Hydrator will help keep her lips hydrated as they fish for Salmon along the Hakataramea and Waitaki Rivers.

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Mum.... she works bloody hard all year and if I could buy her anything she wanted I would. Her gift needs to be a collection of luxury treats and a lot of extra ME time. The LUXE box is perfect because it has Linden Leaves which is her favourite brand, and the moisture masque has white tea and chamomile which is particularly suitable for mature skin. Check out our new LUXE box, ideal for deserving Mum's everywhere.

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Dad.... So I want Dad to look and feel his best for the festive season (even if he doesn't care that much!!), this For Him box is the perfect accompaniment to a box of beer and even though he probably wants a few hours of peace and quiet to play golf, he has to look good to cook the Christmas BBQ and with all New Zealand made skincare inside especially for men, this box is a real wee treat for Dad this Christmas.

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Auntie Eve... this beautiful woman is a jet setter, she works really hard and loves the finer things in life. Being in and out of planes, trains and airports means her skin is exposed to pollution and different elements each week. Eve turned 60 last year and she will love the Arture products inside the Youth Preserve box... plus she will LOVE the name.

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Husband.... This guy is not that fussed on anything skincare related but he does have a few tattoos that are getting on 10 years old now so the Electric Ink His Box will be the perfect way to pamper and maintain his body art.

View The Electric Ink His Box

Brother... Will he get YOU something that is the real question?! Maybe you should send him some of these links... If your brother is anything like mine, you may be lucky to get a whole lot this Christmas, you can give him the FREE For Him box when buying the one for Dad.

View The For Him Box

Sister.... My little sister has spent the last year working her way through a couple of promotions and being a super clever cookie in her corporate office job. She is inside all day, in an air conditioned environment but she is also a bit of a brand snob so her box would have to be the Tailor Hydrate Box. The skincare inside is from Tailor Skin so its high quality, New Zealand made and will leave her skin hydrated and protected as she heads back to work in 2019.

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Bestie.... I've got a couple of women in my life who deserve some extra special love this festive season. One of my besties has had a really rough 2018, after struggling with fertility for a few years she lost a baby earlier this year and I really want to pamper her with products that are all natural and wont interfere with her body's natural rhythm. The For Her box is perfect because not only will the body lotion last for all her outdoor adventures over summer, the serum will help keep those eyes shining bright, and the sugar scrub is a pampering treat to use over and over... plus she can pop on the facemask and take some real time out for herself.

View The For Her Box

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