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For Him

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Maybe he needs a complete bathroom drawer overhaul, or perhaps you would just like to give him a thoughtful holiday season set for taking on summer adventures this Christmas. 

A natural teeth whitener to forgive those caffeine sins, tools to clean his body like the amazing natural Konjac Sponge from Skye Body care that will help withdraw oils and impurities on problem areas like between the shoulders. It's ideal for all ages and if your man suffers from dry skin he will also really like the natural New Zealand moisture rich Tiaki Day cream. Plus we have a natural solution to an extra beer or two with the Gimme A Break natural headache relief and some delicious Salted Caramel Fudge to keep him sweet!  

Tiaki Day Cream (RRP $30)
A simple and effective hydration day cream, infused with the purest ingredients, like; Manuka honey, natural almond, argon and rosehip oils, marula seed oil - rich in antioxidants. Natural and suitable for all skin types this cream is definitely living up to its name, Tiaki - verb; to take care of.

Black to White - Natural Teeth Whitener (RRP $20) 
Let’s admit it… we all want that beautiful Hollywood smile. But who has the money to pay for those expensive (and intrusive) teeth whitening procedures! Well now your man can whiten his teeth NATURALLY, as well as strengthen gums, remove toxins and remove bacteria to give his teeth that sparkling white glow he has (or you have) always wanted. Made with 100% natural activated coconut charcoal, this product will impress you (and those around you) with how well it works.

Skye Candle & Bodycare Konjac Facial Sponge (RRP $12.00)
Once combined with water, this sponge acts like a loofah, but the spongy texture provides a full body exfoliation. Your lucky recipient will enjoy adding this to their routine to buff the skin and wash away, built up oil, sunblock and any other build up on the skin. And the best part - the sponge is 100% plant derived.

Fudge Cottage Salted Caramel Fudge ($6.00)
Deliciously sweet, decadently sweet fudge for a little indulgence to the tastebuds too!

Black Chicken Dry Shampoo (RRP $33) 
Use this incredible Dry Shampoo from Black Chicken in between hair washes to naturally soak up oil and add incredible volume to hair. Most dry shampoos can be full of toxic chemicals that strip the hair however making the swap to a natural dry shampoo ensures your hair stays healthy, while looking clean and full of volume.

With the powerful blend of essential oils, bamboo powder, fossil shell, powder, tapioca and cornstarch this dry shampoo has long term benefits like regulating oil production, stimulating hair growth, reducing itchy scalp and even prevents premature greying so it is no wonder that it is the Winner of the Hair Wash award - Clean Beauty Awards Certclean 2020.

Skye Candle & Body Care Calm Aromatherapy balm (RRP $14.90) DIFFERENT TO AS PICTURED - SUBSTITUTE FOR HEADACHE RELIEF
Bergamot and lavender essential oils blend perfectly together in this aptly named Calm Aromatherapy Balm.  With excellent calming and relaxation properties, this beautifully scented Calm Aromatherapy Balm is designed to be applied to the pulse points when things get overwhelming. Ideal if your lucky recipient is planning to make the most of every festive celebration, this is a fun and practical treat perfect for the handbag or car, for natural relief on the go. Infused with soothing lavender oil to bring a sense of peace whenever needed.


During our peak periods we endeavour to fulfil each order as accurately as we can, from time to time however we do have to substitute products in one off and build a box orders. This will always be a similar product with the same or higher value to the product purchased.