How To Use Rosehip Oil On Your Skin, Hair & Nails

How To Use Rosehip Oil On Your Skin, Hair & Nails

Ever wondered what is rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil is extracted from the red fruit that grows underneath the petals of wild rose plants when the flower has been pollinated. How amazing! A wild rose flower has only 5 petals, whereas the one we’re used to seeing typically has 15 to 30 petals.

How To Use Rosehip Oil For Your Skin

Pure rosehip oil is much more suitable for direct skin application. Seeing as it comes from a fruit, it is packed with natural beauty essentials, like essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 that are known to aid in repair and skin cell regeneration.

There’s also vitamin E to calm and hydrate dry and sensitive skin; vitamin C to help improve the appearance of pigmentation and restore skin's tone; and vitamin A to increase cell turnover. These three vitamins combined are arguably the ultimate anti-ageing trifecta and all help in the production of collagen. They’re all excellently placed to work on reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, reversing the effects of sun damage, and maintaining skin elasticity.

Simply apply the oil to areas you think need nourishing, anywhere from your elbows and knees to even your scalp, hair and nails!

How To Use Rosehip Oil For Your Hair

Yup, rosehip oil also works wonders on your hair. Before applying the oil, make sure your hair is clean and slightly damp. You can use rosehip oil on both dry and wet hair, but damp hair often absorbs it better.

If you're using rosehip oil for scalp health, apply a few drops directly to your scalp. Use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into your scalp. This can help with dandruff, dryness, and overall scalp health.

Next, apply a few more drops of rosehip oil to your palms and rub them together to warm the oil. Then, run your hands through your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. This helps with hair hydration, reducing frizz, and adding shine.

Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles to evenly distribute the oil through your hair. This ensures that every strand gets the benefits.

You can leave rosehip oil in your hair as a leave-in treatment or wash it out after a certain period. Leaving it in can provide long-lasting hydration and protection, while washing it out after 30 minutes to an hour can also yield excellent results.

You can use rosehip oil on your hair 2-3 times a week or as needed, depending on your hair's condition. Adjust the frequency based on your hair's response.

How To Use Rosehip Oil For Your Nails

On the other hand—ahem—rosehip oil can help strengthen nails, reduce brittleness, and improve their overall condition. With regular use, you'll notice healthier, shinier nails that are less prone to breakage.

Start with clean, dry nails. Remove any nail polish and wash your hands thoroughly to ensure there is no dirt or debris on your nails.

Using the dropper, dispense a small amount of rosehip oil onto your nails and cuticles. One drop per nail is typically sufficient. Gently massage the oil into each nail and the surrounding cuticles.

Take a few minutes to massage the oil into your nails and cuticles. This helps improve circulation and promotes better absorption of the oil. You can also soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes before applying the oil to soften your cuticles and nails.

You can leave the rosehip oil on your nails as a leave-in treatment, or you can rinse it off after about 15-20 minutes. Leaving it on overnight can provide even better results.

For best results, use rosehip oil on your nails regularly, at least a few times a week. Consistency is key to seeing improvements in nail health and appearance.

For any application, whether on your skin, hair or nails, ensure you have pure, organic rosehip oil without any added ingredients or fragrances though. This ensures you get the full benefits of the oil.

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