Bare It All: A Conversation With Nudi Point Founder-Owner Blair Coates

Bare It All: A Conversation With Nudi Point Founder-Owner Blair Coates

The MyTreat Tribe has always been a fan of Nudi Point ever since we included their au naturel NZ made products in our subscription boxes many years ago.

The brand is our go-to when sourcing for eco-friendly treats and the dedicated man behind Nudi Point is Blair Coates.

Hailing from Takahue, New Zealand, Blair shares the story behind the brand's inception and the journey they've embarked upon to provide highly effective, natural skincare solutions.

Blaire Coates founder and owner of nudi point

From Humble Beginnings To Organic Growth

Nudi Point's journey began when Blair Coates, in his early 30s, found inspiration while living in Auckland. However, it wasn't until he returned to his hometown in Takahue that his vision for Nudi Point truly took shape. After years of dedicated research and development, the business was officially launched in July 2015.

Blair recounts, “It is from such humble beginnings... Experimenting with lotions and potions in our converted cowshed to now being stocked in nearly 70 stores across NZ and some overseas. I was able to leave my full-time job in banking about 4 years ago and run Nudi Point full-time. This is really when things expanded!

“We have always been a small family-based team with only one change in staff in the 8 years we've been running. We've improved our processes, systems, ingredients and approach to the market over the years but it has really all been very much organic growth, something I really believed in right from the beginning. The feedback we constantly get from customers is what keeps us motivated. When you're creating something that helps people, it's really easy to feel good about what you do.”

Lessons From Entrepreneurship

Blair shares that starting and running a business has been a transformative experience. Having encountered challenging work environments and unsupportive bosses in the past, Blair realised that being his own boss was the key to personal fulfillment.

He emphasises the importance of treating his team with kindness, support, and generosity, which fosters a positive and productive work environment.

Drawing Inspiration From Customer Feedback

Nudi Point's product development is driven by a combination of passion and customer demand. Blair and his team listen closely to customer feedback and requests, aiming to fulfill their desires and meet their skincare needs. By aligning with customer preferences, they ensure their products resonate with a wide audience.

Blair says, “Some of the new products are products we've been working on for years, due to being products we love and have been wanting to perfect. But mostly, it's from listening to our customers and stockists. We often get asked, ‘Do you do this.... or that...’ and we collate all of those requests and try and create the products that the majority of customers are wanting. It's such a fun part of the job!”

The Personal Connection To Nature

Blair's own personal journey with health challenges led him to explore natural remedies.

“I was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease in my hip when I was a baby, and also struggled with asthma and digestive issues throughout my life," he says. "I was constantly let down by the public health system and would come away from one of my specialist appointments feeling discouraged and deflated.

“In my early 20s, I started exploring alternative health options. It was amazing how quickly I was able to find relief and answers and solutions to my issues. It was at this time I developed a very strong passion for aromatherapy and pure essential oils. The benefits were obvious to me and it felt so good looking after my mind, body and soul with nature's medicines without all the nasty side effects that a lot of pills can have.”

Blair continues, “I have always believed that there is complete balance in this universe and there is a cure for absolutely every ailment or disease, in a natural form. All we have to do is go back to the origin and that's what we try to do with Nudi Point. Keep the ingredients as raw and original as they can possibly be in our products, harnessing the power of nature in its most genuine form.”

Transitioning To An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Blair also encourages individuals to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle by making small, manageable changes. 

He says, "It can be really overwhelming sometimes to make all the right decisions. But my encouragement is to tackle it one product at a time. What is the product packaging? Can it be re-used? If not, can it be easily recycled? Was it made with recycled materials?

"I guess it's about being aware rather than just being on auto-pilot buying the products that you've always bought without even considering the impact on the environment.

"Convenience can be a hard factor to overcome when it comes to sustainable living. Research is often required to find sustainable products, and things like composting or gardening take more effort than the conventional ways of buying and discarding food. Sadly, this lack of convenience can stop people from giving some aspects of eco-friendly living a go.

"The good news is there are so many eco-friendly actions that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. Take bringing a tote bag to the grocery store, for instance, in order to avoid going home with paper bags. That doesn't take any more time - it just requires you to think about it. Same thing with grilling a veggie burger instead of a traditional meat burger.

“It comes down to focusing on what fits with your interests and lifestyle. Be realistic with yourself, start small, and see what works for you. Sustainable living is really all about you. It will actually be better for the planet if you choose the right sustainability path for you.”

Unveiling Nudi Point's Signature Products

Nudi Point offers a range of unique products, each with its own inspiration and purpose.

And we’ve decided to include three of Nudi Point’s signature all-natural products in our Eco July 2023 boxes. The 'Facially Yours' Serum to be featured in ALL our boxes; the 'Smile' Pure Essential Oil Blend for our Plus, LUXE and *NEW* Wellness boxes; and lastly, the 'Jealous Much?' Hair Serum that's exclusively available in our first ever Wellness Box!

Here, Blair talks about the inspiration behind each treat:

facially yours serum nudi point mytreat subscription boxes nz

'Facially Yours' is all about stripping away the marketing lies we so often get told. You need a serum for this and a serum for that and a serum for night time and a serum for day time... We took all of the natural ingredients that are incredible for your skin and put them all into the one bottle. Most of our customers use the serum on its own, without the need for a moisturiser. In 8 years of business, it has been our BEST best-selling product. We call it "Liquid Youth" and those that use it regularly totally get why.

smile essential oil blend nudi point mytreat subscription boxes nz

'Smile' was created at the same time a number of our pure essential oil blends were. We wanted something that promoted well-being, and positive mental health. I have experienced times of depression throughout my life and I know what it's like to not know what to do to make things better. 'Smile' contains pure essential oils that have been used for centuries to lift the mood and help with feelings of depression.

jealous much natura hair serum nudi point

'Jealous Much?' came about as a request from a huge number of customers who wanted a natural hair serum that was nourishing and moisturising, that was safe to use with a straightener, and that lasted. We took every single natural ingredient we knew that was beneficial for hair health, growth, shine, and strength, and crammed them all into the bottle. It took a while for it to take off but now is one of our top-selling products through NZ.

Sign up to the new Wellness Box to get all three treats.

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