Putting On Makeup May Be The Key To Self-Love

Putting On Makeup May Be The Key To Self-Love

When worn for the right reasons, makeup can be quite therapeutic. It makes you feel beautiful and confident. Plus, if you like putting it on, it can be an important part of an amazing self-love routine.

It's also one of those activities that actually fulfills all five love languages!

The act of applying them on is definitely a service of love to your face and your personality. The willingness to put in a little bit of effort to look and feel beautiful through makeup can also help with self-esteem. And for some, it's just fun!

Not only is it an act of service, but one that requires a lot of physical touches! Through initial application plus touch-ups throughout the day! There's something comforting and intimate about touching one's face by, for example, gently dabbing or gliding a brush of the Lauren & Louise Bio-active Mineral Powder Foundation all over one's face. It's especially heavenly for those who enjoy physical touches.

The quality time spent in front of the mirror a few minutes before heading out also allows for moments where you can give yourself undivided attention. Even with just a quick flick of mascara goes a long way, so we've included the Wet N Wild Mega Protein Mascara in all of February's Plus and LUXE boxes! Spend time looking at yourself, thus, looking after yourself. 

Also, knowing and wearing your favourite lipstick or eyeshadow colour can really make your face pop and invite plenty of compliments, which is always nice to hear, regardless of whether your love language is words of affirmation or not.

Finally, receiving makeup as gifts is what many of our subscribers have been asking for and it's our pleasure to finally give it to them! Expect a bunch of makeup essentials, including the Lauren & Louise foundation in all our February 'Self-Love' box!

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