Periods, the real truth...

Periods, the real truth...

OK here it is ladies, the actual fact surrounding our menstrual waste.

Have you ever considered the environmental impact your choice in sanitary products could be having on our planet?

Over 45 billion tampons or sanitary pads are thrown away globally each year, resulting in a huge 3.2 million kgs of waste! Tampons are typically made from cotton, rayon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, and fiber finishes. Apart from cotton and finer finishes, all of these materials are non-biodegradable, this means that our sanitary products sit in a landfill releasing nasty chemicals into our environment for up to 500 years.

It’s so important, as ladies, to become educated on exactly how much impact our monthly cycle is having on our environment.

Not only are conventional sanitary products harmful to the environment after use, but they are damaging to the environment and workers whilst they are being produced.

Conventionally grown cotton contains deadly chemicals which cotton farmers are exposed too. An increasingly high demand for cotton has resulted in the farmers turning to pesticides; the use of which leads to 20,000 people losing their lives to cancer or from miscarriages each year.

Not only is the production of cotton causing the loss of human lives, but it is damaging our precious environment and wildlife. Pesticides can contaminate soil, turf, water, and other vegetation- this can be toxic to birds, fish, and non-targeted plants.

If you have thought about using reusable products, now is the time so you can have a good practice and be sorted by summer! In July this year we sent out 1400 MyCup's to women all over New Zealand and the impact of that, both financially and for the environment, is massive! We have teamed up with some amazing eco conscious brands like MyCup and Enhanced Health, to bring you the perfect introduction to a more sustainable period - check it out and order yours here.

If you have been thinking about it, but are reluctant to give it a go... take it from our customers and try it out! The reality is, you are not dealing with anything you wouldn't already be, its not 'messy' which was my number one concern when initially posed with the prospect of using it, and the fact that it is SO much better for our planet certainly means it is worth a shot. 


I'm using it now! I absolutely love it. I even forget I had my period yesterday, no mess, no fuss. It was a bit strange to use to start with and the first time I emptied it, it was a bit gross, but that's only because I took more interest in what I was doing than usual. I'm on day 3 now and love it. I'm quite active at work and lift heavy objects, I was a bit worried about the MyCup moving. Nope, its all good! Ill be buying another one to have as a spare in the car for just in case :) Thank you for this, I had been contemplating buying one, just never did. 
Your Convert

Here at MyTreat, we have teamed up with environmentally aware, game changers to bring you a one-off Period Pack with innovative products from great New Zealand brands - check it out and order yours here.


Hi Shantelle, the company is enhanced health, you can find them here:


Can I please know the company that makes the menstrual pads, I got some off here, love them but can’t remember the company :)

Shantelle Benson

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