The Period Pack

The Period Pack

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Sustainable periods are all taken care of with this Eco pack, practical and pampering... just what we need when its that time of the month. We want everyone to try MyCup, and this little pack has everything you need for a great introduction to environmentally friendly period management. It’s so important, as ladies, to become educated on exactly how much impact our monthly cycle is having on our environment! This box has a retail value over $80 and is the perfect eco friendly period pack. 

  • Choose from the teen cup, or the size 1 MyCup.
  • Give us a hint of the type of pamper treat you would prefer  
  • Let us know your size so we can tailor your box to suit 

MyCup is back! 

MyCup is a beautiful streamlined menstrual cup, made from premium medical grade silicone. It contains no latex, Phalates, BPA or other nasties. It has no prominent ridges, making it smooth and comfortable. Medical Grade silicone is considered to be the most biocompatible material for use within the human body, it never loses its shape and have over double the life expectancy of menstrual cups made from other materials.

Enhanced health reusable pads x 2

In this box, we have included 2 reusable pads, as you can never have too many! These Enhanced Health cloth treats are made with love and suitable for light to medium flow, if looked after, will last you for years!

Eco treat

Innovative and exciting things are happening in the skincare industry in New Zealand at the moment. We are surrounded by brands who are making changes to become more eco-friendly, reduce their footprint, and use ethically sourced ingredients. Inside this Period Pack we have also included a beautiful treat to help pamper your body, and because while we know how exciting sustainable periods are, we still wanted you to get the full MyTreat experience with a little special something extra.