Perfect Pout: How to Get Plump Lips In 3 Steps

Perfect Pout: How to Get Plump Lips In 3 Steps

Dry, chapped lips are the worst. Drinking lots of water is one way to fix this but to get super soft, plump lips, it’s all about lip care. In fact, your lips are skin (your body’s largest organ) so why not include lip care into your regular skincare routine. Also, if you’re often covering them up with a face mask or a long-lasting lipstick, it’s important to give your lips some tender, loving care before dashing out of the door to prevent further dehydration.

Give your lips some love by following these smirkingly simple steps:

Step 1: Exfoliate

Contrary to common practice, the first step to getting plump lips has nothing to do with getting them hydrated. First and foremost, exfoliate. No hydrating product will properly penetrate without a good exfoliation. We suggest buffing your lips with a gentle scrub and a soft brush. But remember, don’t go overboard. Over-exfoliating is a big no-no since lips are already sensitive. Stick to scrubbing them one to three times a week.

Step 2: Moisturise

Once the excess skin is sloughed, it’s time to finally moisturise. Look for lip balms with hydrating ingredients, but again, as with exfoliating, don’t over-moisturise. Constantly slathering on lip balm interferes with the lips' natural process of adjusting to environmental changes. To avoid any adverse effects, we recommend only applying lip balm when you wake up, after you eat or drink, and when you're going to bed.

Step 3: Mask

We all know our skin goes into repair mode as we sleep. Thus, an overnight mask once in a while is perfect for those who suffer from severely dry and chapped lips. Masks help to provide maximum moisture, so you wake up with ultra-plump lips in the morning. Perfectly pouty and kissable.


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