Meet the man behind the flame at Firelight Candles

Meet the man behind the flame at Firelight Candles

Firelight 15 hour paraffin oil candles

Create the perfect ambiance for your next self-care moment, whether it's; running a soul-soothing bath, writing in your journal, having a pamper session or reading a book. The soft, warm illumination from a firelight instantly adds coziness to any room, it's also scientifically proven to calm and soothe the mind and eyes, and the flame itself is very grounding for the soul. We were eager to showcase Firelight through these four mini 15-hour disposable paraffin oil candles, as they can help achieve that atmosphere without the worry of wax, smoke, or spills. Simply pop into any candle holder that would hold a tealight and you’re set!

The 15 Hour Paraffin Oil Candles in your box can be burnt for however long you like, which is a nice alternative to wax candles, as they have to be burnt for a certain amount of time to prevent tunneling. With these you can simply light and relax.

Find Four of these Firelight candles in our November Subscription Boxes;

Body Box 

Body & Underwear Box

Paraffin oil 15 hour candle firelight

How do they work?

Firelight candles use pure, vegetable-grade liquid paraffin, custom formulated as it burns safely and cleanly with virtually no smoke or odour. Find out more and check out the rest of the range of unique candles on their website!

Firelight also specializes in selling gorgeous, one of a kind hand-blown glass vestibules like the ones pictured to the right.

These candles are guaranteed to inspire and create a dreamy, whimsical setting. Once they run out, they can be refilled with the Paraffin oil available on the Firelight website.

firelight candles nz

firelight candles nz

We spoke to Gavin from Firelight to better understand the business and products and the journey that led him there.

We have always found these interviews for our Behind The Brands Blogs so great, as we always find out something really interesting about our suppliers!

Gavin firelight

Gavin's journey into Firelight began in 2020 when he and a close family friend - James, decided to buy a business together. Firelight came up for sale at the time, and it was the perfect fit. Firelight has been in NZ for 20 years, so it was an exciting business opportunity for them both. "I know people who had bought a Firelight Oil Candle years ago, that still keep it on their mantle and bring it out for dinner parties, so it is very cool to be a part of that!" Gavin states. Gavin had a particular love for Firelight due to his love and fascination for glass. "I have always liked glass. I am a Tauras, which is an earth star sign - so I have always been drawn to it. I love watching glass being blown and appreciate the art. There's this place in Taupo called 'Lava Glass' which not only has beautiful glass displays and art, but wonderful food. It's one of my favourite places to go."

Lava Glass Taupo

Outside of running Firelight, Gavin is a former 'mountie', now Tauranga local, with a huge love for food, wine, and cars. ( - so much so that he made several car analogies throughout the interview!) His favourite form of self-care is a beer after work, booking a massage and the occasional energy clearing session.

Our final question for Gavin, his favourite mantra;

"It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice."

Mentions :

Lava Glass - Glassblowing Studio, Sculpture Garden, Art Gallery, Café - 165 State Highway 5, Wairakei, Taupō

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