This is Kash from Skye Candle & Bodycare

This is Kash from Skye Candle & Bodycare

Kash from Skye Candle and Bodycare had a very unexpected, wholesome and heartwarming journey into starting her business, and since we are featuring two of her products in this months April - 'All About Your Face' Box, we wanted to get to know a little bit more about the person behind her brand, about her inspirations, her struggles, and her reasons for starting her business!Kash skye candle & bodycareKash lives in Wellington and is turning 36 this October. With 3 degrees and an MBA, Kash never intended her future career to be in candles and body products, but after marrying the love of her life in 2015, Kash got pregnant. She had complications during her pregnancy which meant she had to resign from her office job. Stuck at home, pregnant and bored, Kash began to learn about candle-making online to occupy her time. In researching and experimenting she found an unexpected passion, and as her belly grew, her passion for candle-making grew too.candle skye candle & bodycareTwo months before her daughters birth, Kash decided to turn her interest in candle-making into a business, as a way to stay home with her new baby 'Skye' and at the same time pursuing her newfound passion, so  'Skye Candle and Bodycare' was born! As she started to sell her products, the positive reviews and orders began to swell, which fueled her to work harder and create more! Kash fell in love with the business, as she was able to work it around her family, while finding fulfillment in creating products that made others happy. Now, the business has expanded to skincare and aromatherapy, and her daughter Skye who is now 4.5 years old, claims to be the true boss of her mothers business!

Skye Skye candle & bodycare

(Adorable photo of Skye putting labels on body butter containers - see more on the Behind the scenes highlights on the Skye Candle & Bodycare Instagram!)

Outside of her family and running her business, Kash enjoys food, books, and traveling. To ensure she makes time for her passions, Kash sets the same resolution each year: to visit 12 new restaurants and have 4 mini-vacations throughout the year. She also gave herself a goal this year to read 21 books throughout 2021, a list she has already cultivated, and all centered around self-improvement. Kash's perfect food is rice and her perfect vacation is exploring New Zealand in the summer, as growing up in Malaysia gave her a love for the warmer weather. She is currently working on building a mini library in her home, which makes total sense if she is stocking up on 21 books per year!Puff Poofs Skye candle & bodycare

When we asked Kash for any advice she could share she said: "I love goal setting and resolution; writing down goals motivates me to complete them, completing them gives me satisfaction. The only advice I would give is ‘write down your goals and take small steps towards your goal'. After seeing how Kash has so successfully grown her business and balancing life and being a wife and mother, this advice is just pure gold! 

Our final question for Kash was if she could share one message what would that be and we instantly fell in love with her response which was:

"There’s only one YOU, be the real YOU".

kash skye candle & bodycare

We just loved her story and now love Kash even more than we did before because Kash has shown that with determination, hard work and a whole lot of passion you can create and do something amazing.

Take a look at Kash's incredible products at the Skye Candle & Bodycare website!


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