This month's box is all about your face and includes 6 full sized, natural, locally sourced facial products with over $120 worth of value to update and refresh your skin care regime. Allowing you to focus on your skincare and make it a time just for you, that you can look forward to, because every step in this box radiates total relaxation, and pure luxury, your future skin is going to thank you for this!With a total of SIX highly effective skincare staples that are guaranteed to give you that luxurious ‘facial feeling’ every single day, you can rejuvenate your skin and try out more incredible NZ skincare brands as we head into Autumn with our April's, All About Your Face’ Box.

First up in this box is the wonderful Miabelle Cream Clay Cleanser with natural exfoliant. We received AMAZING feedback when we featured the Miabelle heart shaped clay face cleanser in the April 2020 box, so now we have the clay cleanser again, one year on, but this time in their full size cream-clay tins.When mixed with water this cleanser forms a creamy paste that once buffed into the skin will help naturally detox, brighten, draw out impurities and unclog your pores. You will receive either the activated charcoal, which provides a deeper cleanse for oil-prone skin, or the pink clay cleanser which is suitable for any skin type, with a subtle rose fragrance. Let us know which type you would prefer for your skin and we’ll make sure to pack that one in your box!Next up, is Kylee's favorite product from her first ever box and now you too can add a dose of intense hydration with the Skye Candle and Bodycare Aloe Vera Gel Face Masque! This Masque is multi-use, so you can use it anytime you feel like your skin is needing a boast- up to 2/3 days a week. With the benefits of Aloe Vera which has been used throughout history for it’s hydrating, healing and plumping properties, as well as infused with Grapefruit Essential oil to provide antibacterial and anti-ageing properties, your skin is going to feel more luscious, supple and plump! Apply this mask after cleansing, leave on for 15 minutes then rinse off to continue with the rest of your skincare to seal in the nutrients. PLUS, we are also including the Skye Candle and BodyCare Face Masque Brush! This Masque Brush makes application much easier by evenly distributing the products over pores, lessens product waste, prevents contamination and gives that wonderful, luxurious-facial feeling.Next is the Sirius Skincare Green Tea toner. This refreshing spritzer can be used anytime you need cool refresh, but is a great addition to the beginning steps of your skincare regime. With purifying and anti-aging properties of jasmine green Tea, Witch Hazel and Vitamin E, this toner will help create a protective barrier on your skin after cleansing, while tightening your pores and nourishing your skin. The subtle tea fragrance smells so soothing and refreshing you will love adding this step to your skin routine. It can even be used as the last step to your makeup for a glowy, dewy finish!Next in the box is the Regenerating Elixir from Linden Leaves. With a subtle kiwifruit fragrance, this rich elixir is nutrient liquid gold, with a luxurious feather-like serum that simply melts into the skin! Apply after toning to help combat wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness whilst also smoothing, plumping and firming the skin. Linden Leaves have always been popular in our boxes because each and every product is so effective, so you can be sure to notice the effects of this beautiful elixir after just a few uses! Elixirs and serums are like vitamin boosters for the skin, so don’t be afraid to use this elixir along with more of your favourite serums! (Like the Plumping Serum from the February box or the Eye Serum in this box!) Just make sure to let each layer dry before you apply the next so you don’t disrupt the ingredients getting to work.And last, but definitely not least, we have the wonderful ByNature purifying eye serum. Add this serum into your skincare routine to help reduce puffiness and dark circles, with antioxidant rich properties of natural caffeine, lycopene, green tea extract, and oils. This hydrating serum is silky to the touch, simply tap a few drops around the eyes and let the wonderful nutrients soak in. This formula is suitable for all skin types, fragrance-free and anti-aging, so you can say "bye-bye dark circles”, to enjoy brighter skin around your eyes.Once your skin is damaged it is difficult but not impossible to reverse, so just think of your skin regime as an investment into your future skin. We shed skin cells everyday, so having good quality skincare that actively purifies and smooths skin on a cellular level will ensure that once your cells renew, they are doing so as healthy as possible, with the end result being gorgeous, glowing skin to help you feel confident and naturally beautiful which of course is what we are all about! Receive this wonderful April - All about your face box for only $38.95 plus shipping by signing up to our Body Box subscription here.

 Or add two of our super comfy, stretchy and vibrant MyTreat undies to your box for only $10 more per month! These undies are super comfy, stretchy, and perfect for day-to-day wear, when you just want to feel as comfortable and confident as possible - because life is way too short for uncomfortable undergarments! We are constantly updating stock with colorful and interesting designs so you will never get bored. Receive this wonderful April - All about your face box plus two pairs of MyTreat underwear for only $48.95 plus shipping by signing up to our Body and Underwear Box subscription here.


Hi there,
Can I please get the pink clay cleanser added to my box 😊 💜

Cindy Bovens

Absolutely love receiving my boxes each month. Something special to look forward to 🙂. I would love to try the pink clay cleanser please

Alison morris

Hi lovely ladies,

Firstly thanks for the wee box of joy you bring us every month. I share mine with my mum as there’s always something for the both of us. Thank you.

Can I please get the charcoal mask if it’s not to late.

Thanks so much

Christy rayner

Hi Ladies, I’d love to try the Charcoal cleanser please. Thankyouuuuuu :D

Rachel Burgess

Cream clay cleanser please. Looking forward to MyTreat.


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