How To Refer A Friend To Get 500 MyTreat Loyalty Points

How To Refer A Friend To Get 500 MyTreat Loyalty Points

Are you earning enough MyTreat loyalty points? If you are, you can redeem them for a discount code for one-off purchases and even get free shipping or freebies.

There's also currently a limited time loyalty special collection for Easter 2024, where you can get 70% off by redeeming 500 points for a discount code!

If you don't have 500 points to spare, here's a tip on how to immediately earn 500 points in order to redeem those perks and easily reach the coveted Gold status for more perks:

★ Refer a friend to one of our NEWEST membership subscription plans (WellnessSeasonal, or Mystery) and get 500 points for yourself and your friend!

How this works:

  1. You must log in to the Loyalty Account. Create an account if you haven't already.
  2. Then click the pink Loyalty button (bottom right of our webpage), find your unique referral URL and send this to your friend/referee.
  3. After your friend/referee accepts the referral by keying in their email address, and then go on to purchase a membership subscription using the same email address they've keyed in, you will automatically be granted 500 points each!

★ Refer A Friend Now 

For questions about our membership subscription and our loyalty club, please email or read more about it here.

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