MyTreat Membership Subscriptions

  • Monthly delivery of a box of self-care treats for yourself or someone deserving.
  • Have multiple Membership Subscriptions at any time.
  • You can change your payment date, manage multiple addresses, cancel a plan, add items to your deliveries and more, at any time, through our advanced customer portal.
  • Get rewarded with Bonus MyTreat Loyalty Points for every dollar you spend on Membership Subscriptions
  • All Membership Subscriptions designed by us contain great savings, and if you prepay, e.g. annually, the savings are massive

The Wellness Box - From $67.50 Per Month

This Membership Subscription is delivered monthly and changes each month, while sticking to the theme of Wellness. Enjoy treats that are thoughtfully curated by our team. If you love a surprise and a little mystery (although, we do sometimes tease you with spoilers on our social media), this Membership Subscription is for you! It's also an ideal Gift Box.

Each Wellness Box delivery has at least $150 worth of retail value. Prepay for an annual subscription to save even more, and maximise your bang for your buck. Price includes delivery.

The Premium Box Set - From $146.85 Per Month

Experience pure indulgence with our Premium Subscription Box Set, delivering a monthly selection of spa-quality skincare, tools, and pampering products from leading luxury brands.

This 3-Box Set is also ideal as a luxurious gift for someone truly derserving.

The Mystery Box - From $47 Per Month

Our most budget-friendly option, this box delivers exceptional value, and a mystery bundle of items so you can enjoy sampling a variety of items.

MyTreat Loyalty

As a MyTreat Member, you will be able to collect Loyalty Points. The more points you have, the higher your MyTreat Tier; Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum

The higher you rank, the better deals, discounts and exclusive deals you can access! Find out more about our loyalty programme below.

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