Holiday Resilience: Exploring 'I GOT THIS' with The Mum Tribe's Kash Harvey

Holiday Resilience: Exploring 'I GOT THIS' with The Mum Tribe's Kash Harvey

The Mum Tribe came into the picture as Kash Harvey, founder and director of Skye Candle & Body Care, sought to enhance her product range.

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She said, "The Mum Tribe business caught my eye instantly, and I felt truly captivated! I already owned a self-affirmation necklace, but this addition to the Skye store was remarkable. People often asked me if I could provide a piece of jewelry to go along with their gift, seeking something meaningful. Now, all those desires can be fulfilled in one location!"
Skye Candle & Body Care

Kash shared her profound connection to the "I GOT THIS" affirmation, revealing its significance, especially during the holiday season. To her, this mantra encapsulates not only the confidence but also the resilience needed to confront the various challenges that life may throw her way.

Whether it's the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, the demands of motherhood, the intricacies of maintaining friendships, or any other aspect of her life, "I GOT THIS" serves as a steadfast reminder of her innate capability to triumph over adversities.

The Mum Tribe's "I GOT THIS" Affirmation Necklace is included in all our December 2023 boxes, amongst other Christmas Care treatsSubscribe now.

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