August's Inner Goddess: Skye Candle & Body Care's Body & Bath Oil By Kash Harvey

August's Inner Goddess: Skye Candle & Body Care's Body & Bath Oil By Kash Harvey

As the seasons change, August becomes the perfect time to slowly come out of winter hibernation and to awaken your inner goddess. And who better to guide us on this wonderful and wander-filled path than Kash Harvey, the visionary behind Skye Candle & Body Care?

With a deep-rooted appreciation for self-care, Kash Harvey has crafted a remarkable treat that transcends the boundaries of ordinary body oils. Her Inner Goddess Body & Bath Oil is a luxurious blend of carefully selected ingredients, designed to awaken the senses and soothe the soul.

Let's dive into the magical properties of the Inner Goddess oil, such as sweet almond oil, renowned for its exceptional moisturising properties, and rosehip oil that's known for its antioxidant benefits. And let's embrace its potential to elevate our self-care routines and channel our inner strength for the remaining winter season and beyond.

Tell us the inspiration behind making the Inner Goddess body oil.
Honestly, I used products from another major company 10 years ago where I love the way the oil feels, but the overpowering scents often caused me to abandon them before using them up. I loathed using body lotion in winter so I began to explore body oils and fell in love. This inspired me to create my own. I made my life (and the customer's life) simpler by creating a two-in-one body and bath oil instead of just having them separately!

What does adventure and self-care mean to you?
As an introvert, daredevil activities are definitely not my thing. I prefer exciting and fulfilling adventures like reaching goals and trying delicious new eateries.

Indulging in a luxurious skincare regime, savouring a decadent scoop of ice cream, snuggling with the Skye [my daughter], cosying up with Netflix, and slipping into comfy pajamas—that's self-care for me! The society often induces guilt in mothers who take time for themselves; however, self-care is critical for staying energised.

Caring for ourselves gives us the strength to keep going and tackle whatever life throws at us. Even a quick shower is an act of self-care. Instead of questioning whether something counts as self-care or not, we should take a few extra moments to savour the activities we love!

What's the best thing to do in August? Any tips on seeking adventure for this season?
I'm not usually a fan of the cold so it's lucky Skye's birthday falls in August. That means we get to go on vacation during the first week of August each year. I think winter is the ideal time for an overseas trip, and avoiding the chill is a bonus! In August, I make the most of the chilly weather and visit places like museums, art galleries, and expos. It's the perfect time to spend quality time with the family with a movie marathon too!

How do you not tire out? What keeps you going?
I'm often asked why I like to work so much, and the answer is simple: I adore it! I'll gladly put in extra hours to get orders out or create something new—instead of taking a day off with my friends. To me, it doesn't feel like work at all; it's just me and my craft, and I love it!

Whenever I feel exhausted, I book a body massage or watch movies while working (when I'm solo at the store). Not a health-concerned person, but I think I'll need to take vitamins and eat healthier as I age.

The Skye Candle & Body Care Inner Goddess Body & Bath Oil is included in all our August 2023 boxes, amongst other adventure-themed treats. Subscribe now.

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