Earth Spring's Steamy Secret For Winter Wellness

Earth Spring's Steamy Secret For Winter Wellness

In the realm of natural skincare and wellness, Heidi Mehrtens is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a mark with her main business, Ama, and now, sister brand, Earth Spring.

Earth Spring emerged from Heidi's desire to develop a range that exuded a luxurious feel while upholding the use of natural ingredients. Combining her own passion for high-quality products and the intention to create exceptional gifts for loved ones, Earth Spring embodies indulgence and care in every formulation.

Among their offerings, their shower steamers take the cake as a delightful and invigorating addition to your winter wellness regimen, which is included in all of MyTreat's June 2023 Winter Wellness Box

Heidi's inspiration for the shower steamers came from her longing for moments of self-care during busy days, especially as a parent.

She said, "We wanted to create an experience in the shower of feeling nurtured and cared for. With having young children, sometimes the shower is the only time I have for myself! The essential oils give off a scent that gives a hit to your senses all within a short timeframe. I find them addictive!"

These little steamy wonders offer a nurturing experience by creating a truly aromatic oasis in the shower. Infused with menthol for sinus relief and scented with essential oils, the shower steamers provide a quick sensory boost, leaving you invigorated and refreshed this winter.

To enhance the benefits of the Earth Spring Shower Steamers, Heidi suggests incorporating other products and practices into your winter wellness routine as well.

She recommends using heat packs with lavender and flaxseed by Kind Face, as well as Ama's magnesium and lavender products for muscle or chest relief. Completing the ritual, snuggling up in warm pyjamas and enjoying a soothing herbal tea from Oku adds an extra layer of comfort and relaxation for the mother of three.

To boost her immunity, she's also a big Mānuka honey fan. Heidi continues to empower individuals to embrace self-care as a luxurious and rewarding experience. By sharing her insights and personal practices for winter wellness, Heidi inspires us to prioritise our own wellbeing, indulge in natural remedies, and find comfort in simple yet profound rituals during the colder months.

Each of our June 2023 'Winter Wellness' box contains a piece of Earth Spring's Shower Steamer, sure to provide some sinus relief, a sensory boost, or simply a moment of self-care this winter... Subscribe today:

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