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Skye Candle and Body Care

Puff Poof Microfiber Makeup Wipes

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Puff! Poof! your make up is gone and your skin is clean and clear.

Are you needing a make up remover that doesn't damage your skin in the process? Do you want to remove your day away from your face without actually removing the PH levels from your face? 

Double-sided and super fluffy, these puffs naturally buff away makeup and built-up dirt from the day, without stripping your skin. Simply wet with warm water and rub in circular motions to gently cleanse the skin and completely remove makeup, it works like magic! Machine washable and re-usable, these puffs are a natural alternative to makeup wipes. This box comes with two Puff Poofs so you can cycle them throughout your week or keep one in your travel bag.

Customer Reviews

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Make up wipes

Bought these to my daughter and she loves them 💕

Steph A.
The only make up wipes you will ever need

I absolutely LOVE everything about these wipes! I love the feeling of them against my skin, they do a fantastic job of gently removing all makeup, sweat, sunscreen. They are the perfect size for travel and I use it as both a face washer and a body cloth in the shower. They are eco friendly ( much better than use once and throw away wipes).The handy loop means I can easily rinse then hang to dry between uses. I have brought 3 boxes of these. It's also great to support Kash and her family, not some supermarket chain .


Great for washing your face without having to use a soap.