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Holistic Hair

Essential Scalp Spray

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The Essential Scalp Spray by Holistic Hair features a plant-based blend of herbs and botanicals, including the stimulating properties of rosemary and bergamot, which encourage circulation to the scalp. There’s also neroli from the blossom of the bitter orange tree and lavender essential oils to alleviate dryness, inflammation and excess hair fall. It’s the perfect product to treat, soothe and refresh your scalp for optimal hair wellbeing.

The 99% organic Essential Scalp Spray is suitable for:
- Encouraging scalp circulation
- Supporting normal hair growth
- Minimising hair fall
- Calming the scalp
- Controlling flaking and dandruff
- Reducing itching
- Leaving the scalp feeling refreshed
- Vegans
- Men and women

Customer Reviews

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Helps so much

I get a lot of shampoo build up and this product has helped with that and to keep dandruff away.