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First Light Natural Health

De-Tox Support Oral Spray

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The De-Tox Support Oral Spray by First Light Natural Health is a flower essence blend to support your emotional cleansing journey. Let go of old habits and patterns with this gentle yet effective formula. Feel inner purity, order, and wholeness as you initiate positive change and apply personal will. Perfect for any detox, diet, or spring cleaning.

First Light Natural Health® De-Tox Support© provides natural support when you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling heavy, blocked or unhealthy
  • Undertaking a detox programme, a diet, fast or cleanse
  • Feeling stuck and wanting to change unproductive patterns in your life
  • Sabotaging yourself through chaotic or negative lifestyle choices
  • A general lack of order and wellbeing
  • Difficulty sticking to a healthy way of life


  • Transforming negative energy, emotions and attitudes
  • Initiating and creating positive changes
  • Applying personal will and resolution
  • Releasing and letting go of old outworn habits
  • Emotional and energetic support during dieting, detoxing, cleansing, fasting and personal spring cleaning
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