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Real Techniques

Blend + Blur Brushes

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Are you looking for high-quality makeup brushes that make application effortless?

The Real Techniques Blend + Blur Brushes are designed to help you ‘blend in’ cream or liquid formulas that will make you stand out. The plastic handle has a unique curved design to easily fit in your hand and a densely packed oval head making application a breeze. 

Key Benefits

  • Real Techniques Blend + Blur Brushes have a densely packed oval head for maximum blending for foundation and makeup
  • Quick + easy face makeup application
  • Unique, curved design to easily fit in your hand
  • Best used with cream or liquids
  • Provides smooth, high-definition results
  • 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan
  • Flawless Results
  • Long Lasting Makeup Application
  • UltraPlush™ Synthetic Bristles


All Over Brush - This versatile brush ensures effortless application and a flawless finish for powder, cream, and liquid products. Suitable for use on the entire face and décolletage, it excels in applying and blending bronzers, finishing powders, and even fake tan.

Cheek Brush - With densely packed bristles and a domed, oval head, this brush delivers a soft blur-effect finish on the cheeks. Ideal for use with blush, highlighter, or bronzer, it ensures a smooth application with no streaks or lines.

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