What’s it like to build a box?

What’s it like to build a box?

The whole MyTreat concept has been such a new experience for me. To be honest I barely ever used any type of skincare or makeup products before starting to work with this team. It’s actually been so interesting to learn the ins and outs of how various products work, and why they are necessary.

I’ve always loved to solve problem, but also be creative. Building boxes bring both of these things together in a unique way. It’s fun to have the variation from day-to-day. Some days it looks like a tornado has ripped through the place, and other days it’s so organised and clean it’s beautiful to look at.


When building the boxes I always consider what problems I can solve for the box receiver. I also love a good bargain, so I ensure the value of the box is definitely worth it. There is so much to consider on the financial side too… but that’s probably not as interesting to you so I won’t go there.

Over the last year I’ve built many boxes with you all in mind and I’m so excited to share them with you all. I hope you see the value as much as I do. Also, if you know someone that would love one of the boxes that pop up feel free to send them to a friend or treasure them for yourself.

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