Winter Box Update

Winter Box Update

Kick back and enjoy some you time... light a candle, pour a cup of tea, read your MyTreat magazine and find out all about the exciting and effective treats inside your June delivery box. Winter is the perfect time to sign up for a MyTreat subscription. We deliver body and beauty treats to pamper your body and give you time to indulge in a luxury skincare routine. Big brands, and small, we curate a collection of high quality natural body treats we have tried and tested, and know you will love to use. 

Working with great brands and companies committed to sustainable skincare, a 3 month subscription will include New Zealand made products, thoughtful packaging, a variety of items to reinvent your routine, and treats to hydrate and nourish your skin. June is a little bit of everything, Night Creme from By Nature Skincare so your skin can repair while you sleep, natural deodorant from Little Mango, an eye palette and crease brush from Wet'n'Wild, and a few extra special treats we cant wait to deliver. One of our favourite June treats is the Okana Skincare Mist Toner, a beautiful product that we are so excited to include inside this box. Okana are known for their plant based formulations, and the ingredients of their signature skincare range can be found in most kitchens. Using only the highest quality, natural ingredients, the Okana team have created a toner that will leave your skin feeling healthy and tight. 

There is nothing more exciting than the thought of hundreds of women around New Zealand opening their boxes, having a cuppa and indulging in products to leave their skin feeling great, and all while making time to put themselves first. This June box focuses on your face, and will leave your whole body feeling good with the tools you need for an at home pamper session. Plus a little extra contouring for your eyes, and the added bonus of your Little Mango Natural Deodorant. A real treat for all ages and skin types. 

Coming up next, July is Plastic FREE, everything inside the box has been chosen to give you an eco alternative to your go-to product. With over $120 worth of beautiful natural skincare and body treats to remove the imperfections from your skin, this is an exfoliation and detoxification dream box. We want to maintain our focus on sustainable packaging and over the last year have stopped using bubble wrap, and plastic satchels for sending the boxes, we have also worked hard to ensure the brands we work with are passionate about reducing plastic. Over the next few months you will find products from Beauty Tofu, Agnes and Me, Ahhh Cosmetics and Nudi Point who are all brands making an impact and being extremely selective with how they package and sell their products. We look forward to sourcing more eco friendly and high quality body and beauty treats for our deserving customers, and with only a few days to go for June orders, now is the time to sign up.

Sign up to monthly pay for June boxes is still open <<CLICK HERE>> to sign up for the next 3 months.  

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I am so excited and cannot wait for my June box. Thank you ladies for all you do <3

Lynn Shugg

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