Why is September a great time to detox?

Why is September a great time to detox?

After winter our tired bodies (and minds) deserve some extra special attention in preparation for the warmer months. The collection of Spring MyTreat boxes will be all about pampering your skin, and giving you the tools and treats you need to feel confident and fabulous with a beautiful complexion. The first of our Spring boxes, the September Detox box has everything you need to kick off 3 months of skin loving, self-care. Rachel said it best “These boxes are making me look after myself, its not even the skincare which lord knows I need, its more about the excitement of the unboxing and knowing that for the rest of the month I have some great products I can use to have some real me time”.

At MyTreat we believe our boxes are as much about pampering your skin, as they are about taking care of your whole self. Our September box is going to detox your body AND your mental health by helping you to make treating yourself a priority. Since launching MyTreat we have continued to receive amazing emails and feedback from customers who are as grateful about the concept as they are about the treats, and this motivates us to create even more exceptional boxes each and every month.

We are ticking every detox box:

Clear complexion - When we detox, our liver works hard at ridding the body of toxins through our sweat, urine, bowels, breath and more. The main source of detoxification that we see is blemishes popping up on the surface of the skin, from toxins getting blocked in our pores. There are some awesome treats in here to purify and prevent this bacteria from building up (which we will be keeping a secret a little while longer...)

Detoxing your insides - Prepare for a super ingredient added to your daily routine as a tonic or addition to your fresh spring meals to start detoxing your body from the inside; aiding in digestion, cleansing kidney, liver and colon, including helping combat yeast and bladder infections, and more. As well as some fibre filled treats to keep you regular and feeling lighter! (There really isn't a nicer way to put that is there?!)

A bit of beauty - Now that you have clear, clean skin, we have a couple beauty essentials that will won't cover that gorgeous skin up, and actually make that morning routine easier! We are seriously setting you up for a summer beauty routine that gets you out the door faster, so you can feel confident and awesome without any effort!

The September box has treats for your face, body, tummy, and eye lashes. For anyone living somewhere with those extreme New Zealand winter conditions, this box will also allow you to purify and replenish skin cells, and restore health and hydration to your complexion from the inside out. 

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I only require ONE subcription to the September detox luxe box . Than k you.

Corinne Salkeld

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