Why is an upgrade to the Body Box Plus such a good idea!?

Why is an upgrade to the Body Box Plus such a good idea!?

Well for starters... it is just $10!!

This month the body box plus is another awesome collection of well timed treats for your bathroom, your bedroom, and your living and working spaces. It is a $10 upgrade from our entry box (the body box), so you get over $120 for $48.95 each month. 

Choose Your Subscription Box HERE. (or email info@mytreat.co.nz if you would like to upgrade your existing subscription). 

We have talked a lot about mental health this month and you know that by focusing on yourself and taking time out to slow down and pamper yourself you can start to work on that little thing they call balance. The beautiful treats in our May box are here to restore balance. While we know the last couple of years has wreaked havoc, we want you to celebrate your incredible self and the luxury lotions, feet treats and essential oil goodness were all chosen with intention, for you to pamper yourself with. 

Plus a luxury New Zealand made serum for your skin from Coco Bay. It's called Royal Serum because of the quality of ingredients, including infusions of citrine which along with being an organ aid, citrine helps maintain healthy skin, nails, and hair. It also works as a skin alleviator due to irritations and allergies, and it comes to the rescue when it comes to emotional health. With a value of $55, we are thrilled to send each and every May box subscriber this luxury treat. 

And as an extra inside the Body Box Plus you will ALSO get: 

Skye Candle & Body Care Soy Wax Melts
Scent plays a huge role in how you feel, and in this month's Body Box Plus, we wanted to include something that can be used around the home and help encourage a little more positivity in your space. These adorable wax melts from Skye Candle & Body Care give you 150 hours of beautiful fragrance, ready for you to break off a cube and simply enjoy. 

Lemon & Beaker Aromatherapy Soap with Lemongrass Essential Oil.
Included to uplift the senses and brighten your daily routine - The Lemon & Beaker Aromatherapy Soap with Lemongrass Essential Oil. Step in the shower, breathe in the beautiful lemon fragrance and lather away - to reveal skin that's bright, fresh and radiant. This Lemon & Beaker Aromatherapy soap is infused with Lemongrass and Lemon Peel Essential Oils to invigorate the senses, deeply cleanse, lift dead skin cells and purify. Bar soap has never felt so luxurious...

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