Why Buy A Subscription Box?

Why Buy A Subscription Box?

There are currently subscription boxes for just about anything, offering a treasure trove of benefits that make them a fantastic addition to your life. Services like MyTreat are a prime example of how these boxes can add a sprinkle of joy and convenience to your daily routine. Here's why you should hop on the subscription box bandwagon...


Why trudge through stores when you can have a box of goodies delivered right to your doorstep? Subscription boxes save you time and effort, turning shopping into a breeze. MyTreat, for instance, curates boxes bursting with self-care and beauty products, mostly made in NZ and eco-friendly, making it a cinch to pamper yourself without the stress of shopping.


Spice up your life with a delightful mix of products! Subscription boxes offer a cornucopia of items, letting you explore new brands and treasures. MyTreat shines here by delivering a smorgasbord of skincare, beauty, and wellness treats in every box, ensuring your self-care routine never gets stale.

Surprise Factor

Life is like a box of subscription goodies—you never know what you’re gonna get! The element of surprise adds a dash of excitement to your routine. MyTreat even offers the Mystery Box for the ultimate surprise in a box. Some of its team members don't even know what goes into this box of treats.

Cost Savings

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Subscription boxes often provide products at a nifty discount compared to buying them separately. MyTreat offers fabulous value, packing high-quality products at a fraction of the retail price. It’s a savvy way to indulge in luxury without emptying your wallet.

Curated Selections

Leave the guesswork to the pros! Expertly curated subscription boxes ensure you receive top-notch, unique items. MyTreat’s boxes are lovingly assembled by beauty buffs who pick the crème de la crème of products, making each box a delightful surprise of quality and care. They also have a quarterly Seasonal Box filled with premium products tailored to the changing seasons and skincare need throughout the year.

Discovery and Exploration

Ready to embark on a beauty and curated self-care adventure? Subscription boxes are perfect for discovering new products and experiences. Whether it’s trendy treats, beauty secrets, or literary gems, these boxes encourage exploration. MyTreat introduces you to NZ-made skincare wonders and wellness goodies, helping you find your next holy grail item.

Gift Options

Looking for the perfect present? Subscription boxes make for thoughtful and unique gifts. By gifting a subscription box, you’re giving a loved one an ongoing treasure hunt of joy. MyTreat’s boxes are the ideal gift for friends or family members who deserve a bit of pampering and self-care, spreading the love one box at a time. "I’ve learned that the best subscription boxes are those I get for others, rather than myself," said Lisa D, a long-time MyTreat subscriber-gifter. 


Join the MyTreat Tribe! Many subscription services foster a vibrant community where subscribers connect, share experiences, and rave about their favourite finds. MyTreat’s community is buzzing with excitement, with subscribers swapping tips, reviews, and self-care stories, making the experience even more enriching.


Go green with your routine! Eco-conscious subscription boxes focus on sustainable and eco-friendly products, helping you live a greener life. MyTreat is dedicated to including ethically sourced, recyclable, and sustainable items, allowing you to indulge guilt-free and support a healthier planet.

Subscription boxes like MyTreat are a box of joy, offering convenience, savings, and a dash of surprise. Whether you’re looking to streamline your shopping, explore new products, or find a perfect gift, subscription boxes deliver the goods. Embrace the curated selections, diverse delights, and sustainability with a service that tickles your fancy and suits your needs. With MyTreat, each box is an invitation to pamper yourself and enjoy a seasonal splash of self-care, making every day feel like a special treat.

MyTreat offers monthly and quarterly subscription box options. Choose your box and subscribe today.

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