If you're wondering how we choose the beauty and skincare items in each box you're not the only ones! It is one of the most popular questions friends and family ask when I tell them what I am doing with MyTreat. The great thing about New Zealand is that while we are small, there is an abundance of great brands looking to introduce their products to our customers. To make sure we can deliver great value, awesome variety, and amazing products we have set a benchmark for products that go inside...  we can't ensure every product matches all our requirements but it does help when we are searching, and or responding to potential collaborators. 
  1. NATURAL: Do the products include natural and/or organic ingredients?
  2. SUSTAINABLE: Is the packaging sustainable, can it be recycled, is it bio degradable? 
  3. VALUE: Is there high value to the customer?
  4. MUST TRY: Are the products about to hit the market?
  5. BRAND: Is the brand, and story behind the business one that MyTreat customers will love to know about? 
So there you have it... 
​If you want to include your products in a future MyTreat Box please email your details through to info@mytreat.co.nz.

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