What is inside our March Teen Subscription Box??

What is inside our March Teen Subscription Box??

Ready for the ultimate glam? These teen specific goodies are here just in time to ensure glowing, natural coverage, shimmery eyes when you need it, glossy skin, natural lip colour, beautiful nails and a pampering sheet mask to use before any upcoming party or event where you want to show off your gorgeous skin.

Dig in and enjoy beautifying and pampering, with over $160 worth of retail value, this box is glam LUXURY! While makeup and beauty items aren't a necessity because we are gorgeous as we are, it is nice to have the opportunity to lift your confidence and invest time to make yourself look and FEEL awesome. Imagine you were gifted a gorgeous mansion you didn't decorate? It would still be beautiful, but it would be so much more fun to make it your own, decorate it and add some colour. This box has makeup that will actually benefit your skin, not clog your pores or 'cake' the face, just naturally accentuate your features and help you feel a little confidence when you want to! Keep reading to find some tips and tricks for your treats and a little more info about where it came from...

Lauren and Louise Bio-active Mineral Powder Foundation


Lauren & Louise Foundation – chosen because it will give your skin the ultimate airbrushed look while not clogging your pores and actually doing some pretty cool stuff under the surface to ensure your skin does not get oily or break out! Formulated with New Zealand Organic Algae and New Zealand Organic Skin Performance Plus, with excellent healing and calming properties for acneic, damaged and reactive skin.


Lauren and Louise Loose Mineral Eyeshadow

(RRP $39.00)

This eye shadow will help accentuate your beautiful eyes, bring out the colours and add plenty of glam without overdoing it. Multitude mineral pigment - can be used wet for eyeliner, body shimmer in moisturiser, or in Gel/acrylic nail applications. Good for your skin, easy to apply and wear, choose your opacity (minimal for day to day, drama for events) and head out the door.

Also in your box is a luxurious Linden Leaves Body Lotion (RRP $25.00), two gorgeous Entity Nail Polishes (RRP $16.99ea) A natural Doll Face Lipstick (RRP $32.00) and a sheet mask for your next pamper.

Entity Nail Polishes (2)

Enjoy the chance to try these gorgeous, high-quality polishes for your day to day, or upcoming event!

These polishes are highly pigmented and super long-lasting, really. Try for yourself and see!

(RRP $16.95 each)

ByNature Bakuchiol Sheet Mask

Ever come across a problem that a face mask CAN"T fix??? Nope, we didn't think so. Save this mask the night before a big event to rejuvenate your skin, or, for a luxurious pamper and self-care evening. www.bynatureskincare.co.nz

 (RRP $4.99) 



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hi there do u do monthly teen boxes and do u still do the undies?


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