Its a classic Central Otago rustic look, and right now it might not be too pretty but we have an open mind and big plans to make this the most beautiful office possible! We are thrilled to announce we have secured a larger premises to work out of, complete with office, and a workshop/warehouse... and a dedicated dust free space for our beautiful underwear! Not only is this property set among the vines in beautiful Ripponvale, it is beyond perfect for what we need and it's going to be an exciting few months transforming the space, and bringing you all along for the journey. 

Over the last few months it has become a tad ridiculous at MyTreat HQ (my house), boxes line the hallway, fill the garage, spare room, and the backyard office, and sometimes also sit on the back porch for a few days before we pack because there is literally NO MORE space inside. While it has been a great start for MyTreat, we are very excited to branch out and have room to grow even more. 

This is the part where I get all choked up because I am just in awe of the support we have from around New Zealand, both from customers, and suppliers who work with us to provide great products. Over the last 18 months, we have created a community of awesome customers who make this much more than just a job! It is a privilege to be able to do this and I know how much they deserve a great treat box every month. We take the search for great treats seriously because I know they are putting their faith (and money) in us to do the best job possible. I am not taking one single day of this journey for granted and look forward to more brands, more products and more beautiful underwear over the next year. 

Whats next for MyTreat?

  • To go with our new office, we have got new packaging... biodegradable cardboard pillow boxes that will break down in the earth within 3 years! We have had to focus on keeping costs to an absolute minimum so we could make every treat as exciting as possible but we do recognise the impact that beautiful packaging has, and thanks to the power of bulk buying we can offer these exciting treats in sexy black boxes every month. 
  • Eco bags - starting in May there will be no more plastic satchels, we have teamed up with www.r3pack.co.nz to offer biodegradable alternatives. Check out the video on their website to see the amazing new technology they have developed. 
  • A new underwear supplier... we do love our existing suppliers but in the name of bright, beautiful, and more bum coverage, we have sourced some beautiful new styles you will have seen last month, and in future boxes. Remember you can select G's or no G's on check out so if you love cheeky style, and G's we still have lots of beautiful options for you too. 
  • Sampling makes the boxes better! Now that we are big enough to offer brands an opportunity to promote their new and exciting products to you, we have started offering sampling to reputable and emerging brands. This is AS WELL AS the existing full size products inside each box and will allow you to try a variety of awesome new treats and get even more excited every time your box arrives!
  • Added extras! We are in a position to offer some exciting extras to our customers over the next few months, watch this space! And for our existing customers who recently received a survey from us... there are some pretty big hints in there for you! 

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