Therapeutic Plant Oils and stress management

Therapeutic Plant Oils and stress management

It's always a pleasure to work with women running their own businesses. Absolute Essential was established 30 years ago by Bo Hendgen, her understanding of therapeutic plant oils, and passion for aromatic medicine has driven her to develop one of the leading therapeutic plant oil manufacturing businesses in New Zealand, and while she does sell direct to customers, and throughout stores across New Zealand, she also exports her high quality, certified organic products to Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

It was a challenge when Bo arrived from France 33 years ago with 2 small children and $500 and a dream of creating her own aromatic medicine practice here in New Zealand. While trying to work with high quality plant oils, she struggled to get what she needed in New Zealand at the time. Bo set out to create and develop her own essential oil business, and special therapeutic blends that would allow her to more effectively treat her Auckland patients. For the first few years she was making her products on demand, not only for use in her own practice, but for shops throughout Auckland. As her business has grown Bo has had the opportunity to learn all aspects of running her own company, she has successfully risen to that challenge and despite some insincerity within the natural and organic oil market, she is committed to only working with the most natural processes and as a result Absolute Essential special blends and oil's are among the highest quality in New Zealand and globally. It is all about the size of the molecules which are absorbed into our system and help our bodies take advantage of these special plant oil aromas. Bo and her team have managed to achieve significantly higher levels of molecule extraction within their natural process, which means her pure blends and essential oils are better absorbed by our bodies than other similar products on the market.

Her focus remained on creating highly effective natural plant oil products, with low impact on the environment, and creating a sustainable work place, both internally for her staff, but also in a way that flowed through to customers. Using carefully thought out packaging that can be easily recycled in New Zealand, and ensuring the entire process from development, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing is all in-house, Bo has managed to provide a full range of specific products to target everyday issues, from sleep deprivation, stress management, skin problems, and so much more. Aboslute Essential is the first of it's kind in our boxes and the Stress Less blend will help you feel more focused, and calm. We know the best beauty tool of all is feeling great on the inside. We can't wait for this treat to be delivered to our deserving customers as we are fully aware this time of year does come with it's fair share of stress. This box is all about New Zealand made products, but it's also about the best of the best. In terms of what you can source domestically, we feel like there is much to learn about the plant oil market. Both about benefits specific natural aromas can provide for our bodies, but also in terms of what is genuine and what is not. After speaking to Bo, I did get the feeling there is a level of frustration at the common misconceptions in the market.

Here are the 3 key differences we though t would be helpful when it comes to understanding natural plan t oils....

  • Natural Slow & Low temperature extraction results in MUCH higher levels of absorption for our bodies... "The truth is that our senses have been bombarded with such a volume of synthetic and mass produced aromas and with the majority of people living in such clean, man-made environments, we are mostly disconnected from the deeper molecular relationship we actually have with pure natural fragrance. No matter how cleverly recreated, a synthetic compound will never have the life forces of a plant essence to integrate with your body's own natural processes. Even the natural fragrances that do get used are often so adulterated by high production practices that their aromas are more likely to carry not therapeutic molecules but damaged and contaminated ones. It has been found that the molecules that come into our body systems with modern fragrance blends do not integrate in a natural way but rather accumulate in our organs and immune systems."
  • Although it’s only a small part of the brain in terms of volume, the limbic system has some of the most basic, life-sustaining and meaningful roles of all brain structure, and organic plant oils will target this to help you manage stress, sleep better, and more. The limbic system controls emotions like anger and fear, and by using oils you can help regulating eating, hunger and thirst, help your bodies response to pain, and help control the function of the autonomic nervous system, including things like pulse, blood pressure, and breathing. "Pure, medicinal-grade essential oils offer a way to integrate with natural body systems that just isn’t possible with synthetic medicines. And currently their value for influencing natural relaxation and healthful balance is making its mark in traditional medical institutions around the world. This is significant not because medical science looks set to throw out all drugs in favor of natural essential oils, but because essential oils are helping to open up the world of allopathic medicine to a more holistic appreciation of patient health care."
  • Look for a company who specialise in therapeutic plant oils. "We believe that people and planet are dynamic beings with a natural capacity for perfect balanced health; that everything in the natural world is connected; and that it is not possible to nurture authentic health in one living being with a process that is damaging to another."
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