The Top-Value Treats Inside Each MyTreat Monthly Subscription Box This Year

The Top-Value Treats Inside Each MyTreat Monthly Subscription Box This Year

This year has had a few challenges along the way, particularly with supply and delays, seeing as freight costs for most businesses have increased. The MyTreat model has been tested to its limits. We understand that for suppliers to be able to provide our subscribers with an opportunity to try their products, there is so much planning and work involved. And we wanted to give a special shoutout to them AND remind you about the level of beautiful body and skin brands lovingly found inside each MyTreat monthly box so far.

Here are the top-value treats included in our boxes for 2022:

The Beauty Tofu Tip To Toe Detox can be used as a mask or added to your smoothie for an internal cleanse. How amazing is that? It is 100% natural and valued at $29.99. 100% sodium montmorillonite clay, this is your “temple detox” in a bottle. Sodium montmorillonite clay is a powerful absorber and detoxifying ingredient, used throughout history by indigenous cultures and healers, both internally and externally for its powers in encouraging production of digestive enzymes.

Another Beauty Tofu gem! The brand’s derma roller or Collagen Induction Wand is a remarkable little tool that stimulates collagen production under your skin. It’s an at-home treatment anyone can use to repair and maintain the elasticity in the skin. Valued at $69.

The mini pin pricks on the Beauty Tofu collagen wand open up your skin’s pores, stimulating the lower layers of the skin and in turn, regenerate your collagen production. It also helps to correct uneven skin tone, bumps, wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars and stretchmarks.

Holistic Hair gave our subscribers a scalp and hair treatment at home that was natural and enriching. Their scientific approach to haircare means everything they create is a game-changer for your hair. The brand’s made in NZ Finishing Rinse Concentrate (RRP: 27.99) is one of their best products, perfect for those who need some extra support for their scalp or want to restore shine to the hair.

It has apple cider vinegar and lavender to assist in reducing inflammation and microbial activity associated with dandruff and general scalp disorders. There’s also roman chamomile, known for its ability to brighten hair plus smooth and condition the cuticle for increased shine. ility to brighten hair, smoothes and conditions the cuticle for increased shine. 


The Arture Eyelash Serum is for those who want longer, stronger and healthier lashes!! Valued at $49.95, this is an NZ made product our subscribers love to use and see results in just a few weeks. This little serum can help you have salon-applied-looking lashes.

Frequency is the best way to see results with this serum, and seriously, you will see crazy results after a few weeks of daily use! The amount of product doesn't make it more effective, so use sparingly, often, for best results.

The Coco Bay Royal Serum, valued at $52, is pure luxury in a bottle. It is nutrient-rich and will hydrate and repair, helping you maintain your skin while loading it with antioxidants. It is natural and full of beautiful botanicals and oils uniquely infused with citrine. Feel the wealth of skin health with just a couple of drops of this powerful blend. Use daily.

The Lemon & Beaker Vitamin C Serum with lemon essential oil is a must-have in any skincare cabinet, and this gorgeous serum will be one you will love to treat yourself with every day! This powerful and effective serum will help to improve skin tone, reduce pigmentation, naturally lighten dark spots and restore skin to a healthier state. Valued at $62.

The Bee Kiwi Manuka Honey Purifying Clay Mask by Nature’s Beauty is a pot of honey for your face worth $18.30 that helps clean, repair, and soothe tired and congested skin. Mineral-rich kaolin clay absorbs excess oil and environmental impurities while manuka honey, chamomile, vitamin C, aloe vera and magnesium help revitalise your complexion, leaving the skin looking more radiant and refreshed.

A generously sized tub of natural Daily Moisturiser with aloe vera, avocado and kiwifruit extract from Zeke Skincare added a bit of luxury to those dreary August days, while providing the skin with a coat of cooling, refreshing hydration—kind of like a morning coffee for your skin. Retailing at $59.99, this moisturiser was carefully crafted by NZ brand Zeke Skincare with high-quality, NZ ingredients to treat your skin to the very best.

The Lemon & Beaker Hydrating Toner with rose essential oil comes in beautiful pink and gold packaging. The gorgeous frosted pink bottle looks as luxurious as it feels. Plus, with a regular retail price of $49, you know its contents are just as incredible. This toner is to be used following cleansing; to restore and balance the PH of the skin. Pat on the face for an instant boost, and breathe in the wonderful rose water and rose essential oil aroma. Also infused with NZ’s medicinal plants like the Kawakawa, Harakeke Leaf, Mamaku Leaf and Kowhai flower extracts, which when combined, make a powerfully soothing and incredibly hydrating formula.

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