Nectar's Choc Mint Lip Balme: A Treat Rooted In After-Dinner Mints

Nectar's Choc Mint Lip Balme: A Treat Rooted In After-Dinner Mints

Nectar's "Lip Balme" is not your ordinary lip balm, and that's exactly what sets it apart from the rest.

Yes, it comes in a cute bauble-shaped container, making it easy and oh-so-fun to apply, but it is what's inside that's truly extraordinary.

Andrea Blondel, founder of Nectar, said, “Our 'Lip Balmes' are a little bit different to most of the lip balms out there so I wanted the name to set it apart too. They contain more ingredients than most with some of the oils added to offer anti-aging properties.”

Nectar also prides itself on crafting exclusive and captivating blends, and there are four delightful flavours to choose from. In MyTreat's December Box, expect the luscious Choc Mint variety, a taste and scent reminiscent of after-dinner mints, perfect for the festive season.

The inspiration behind the Choc Mint Lip Balme is rooted in this simple pleasure: After-dinner mints. Choc Mint, in particular, captures the essence of this classic treat, allowing you to enjoy the same delightful sensation of after-dinner mints without any concerns about your waistline. Andrea's personal fondness for after-dinner mints shines through in this lip balm flavour.

There's also no surprise that when asked if there's any Christmas care tips or family traditions she wanted to share with us, Andrea focused on bringing traditional Christmas flavours and dishes to the table. "I always make glazed ham and try to outdo myself with marinades and decorations each year. I also make Black Forest Trifle for the adults with lashings of Galliano and cherry brandy and potted Morello cherries marinated in a bit of the brandy for a week before. Delicious.

"[Other than that], our family tradition is to make the youngest member of the family, Santa — for present-giving time on the day. They announce every single present from under the tree and we wait to see it opened and applaud. Sounds dumb but it is actually quite fun and because we are not a large family, present time is not over in five minutes."

Experience a festive kiss of pure bliss with a MyTreat monthly box. Start your subscription in December 2023 and get a Nectar's delicious Choc Mint Lip Balme in the Plus, LUXE and Wellness Box.

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