The SleepDrops adventure... from New Zealand to the world!

The SleepDrops adventure... from New Zealand to the world!

New Zealand is a business hub… perhaps not in the traditional sense but there are women all over this country who are dominating in their own little industry. From New Zealand made clothing coming directly out of rural towns, to exciting new subscription boxes with everything from chocolates to spices, and underwear, and perhaps one of the biggest and most dynamic industries, sleep management and naturopathy.

Enter Kirsten Taylor. Founder and creator of SleepDrops NZ. You may have seen them in the news recently, because this beautiful boss lady is on a mission. Not only are her effective products about to take the globe by storm but she is turning up the volume on her brand, and asking the public to help fund her quest for taking SleepDrops to the world. The costs for running any business are significant; the costs involved with growing a brand internationally, plus the required testing, researching, and production needed for going global are not even comprehensible for most of us. This innovative funding model allows investors to realise the benefits of supporting a great New Zealand brand, rather than lining the pockets of internationally owned financial institutions.

Kirsten has not just emerged on the scene with a grand plan for world domination. Her products have been tried and tested by Kiwi’s for 10 years, her team is vast, experienced, and poised for this new project. With the company’s growth map outlined, it was time to grab the snacks, hit the road, and watch this exciting New Zealand business take on the world markets… Except at the end of last year the media came after Kirsten and her SleepDrops Crowd Funding and Pledge Me campaigns. Her mistake? They had a very small error on a balance sheet showing a positive business position and very positive projections that detailed millions in revenue allocations. Not for one second did I read the media pieces and think that the SleepDrops campaign was misleading people into supporting their growth. What made me feel incredibly sad however, was the fact we are STILL existing in an age where women are not celebrated for their incredible achievements.

The crowd funding documents not only highlighted an extremely successful company grown from nothing, but a thorough and well thought out forecast for future growth…. The good news is the goal of raising over $500,000 has been realised! With the final financial figure yet to be released, the strength of Kirsten’s brand, her products, and her resilience in the face of backlash is a testament to her as a CEO. It gives all of us women in business, questioning what the hell we are getting ourselves into, and coming up against a little too much ‘man-splaining’, a lot more faith. Work hard and don’t give up, no matter how brutal the challenges can be, success awaits us, and our mission to bring something really cool into peoples lives, is worth every bit of hardship along the way.

We are so excited to be partnering with SleepDrops in 2019, not only will we be able to include their highly regarded Adults 30ml in our up coming boxes but we cant wait to fill you in on how this adventure goes for this great New Zealand brand.

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