The Sleep Box is back for 2019

The Sleep Box is back for 2019

This week we pack January boxes to get them out to our deserving customers, and while you are no longer able to sign up for these amazing Natural New Year boxes, we have just released our February theme and thought you might like to know a little more about it. Last year our sleep themed subscription box was a huge hit. We are very excited to be following up our Sold Out January Natural New Year Box with a selection of treats that will encourage some early nights and self care. The 2019 Sleep Box is all New Zealand made and every treat is 100% natural... and just so we can sleep easier here at MyTreat HQ, this box is also completely plastic free.

These ethical body and beauty treats have been selected from brands who are committed to environmentally sustainable packaging. Being able to celebrate Matakana Skincare, Nudi Point, SleepDrops and more great New Zealand brands, means our customers are in for some sweet dreams and glowing skin. Our February box is designed to make you feel amazing with high quality, natural skincare you will love. 

If you need a few tools to encourage more great sleep, and to make sure each hour you do get is high quality, you will enjoy all the full size products this box has on offer! With a retail value of $100, the hero of this box is undoubtedly SleepDrops NZ Adult 30ml for everyone to try. There are also 4 great other brands we are partnering with on this box so you can enjoy natural night cream, all over exfoliation and skincare and beauty treats from all over New Zealand.  

The award winning SleepDrops is an all-natural sleep and stress remedy that provides support during times of stress and sleeplessness. SleepDrops is New Zealand’s number one selling sleep range and has been supporting people to sleep better for over 10 years and we are so excited to have a full size adults SleepDrops NZ bottle in each box for you to try. 

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Hi AJ, you will get all the same treats inside the body box with your body and underwear box delivery. Both our boxes have the same body products, one box just has the addition of the underwear. Hope that helps, not too long to wait now! Feb boxes are being packed and sent next week. Thank you. Rosie


Morning, I think I have already asked, but not 100% sure.
Since I have a monthly body and underwear box, may I use the same card details for the sleep box?
I’m sorry if I have already asked.
Very interested as I’m constantly exhausted with bad sleep, and no great items have helped.

AJ Ormond


Morgan Braddock

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