The Secret To Holiday Serenity: Eden Orchards' Cherry Juice

The Secret To Holiday Serenity: Eden Orchards' Cherry Juice

As the clock ticks closer to Christmas and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes its toll, getting a good night's sleep becomes a precious luxury. You're not alone; many of us find ourselves tossing and turning, our minds racing with gift lists and festive preparations. That's where the magic of Eden Orchards and their cherry juice comes in. 

A Family’s Commitment To Cherries 

It all began when Gary Bignell completed his Diploma in Horticulture and took his first job at a cherry orchard. He developed a love for horticulture and cherries which sparked his family's enduring commitment to producing the finest cherries for the New Zealand market. But there's more to the Eden Orchards story than fresh cherries, with the Bignell family exploring the many ways that the industry’s fruit could be transformed into other functional and tasty products. Gary and his wife, Steph, alongside their three children, Cameron, Renee, and Jacob, have created an award winning Cherry Juice that has captured the hearts (and dreams) of New Zealanders. 

General manager Cameron said, "Working with family is rewarding and challenging! We spend lots of time together, which is awesome and in terms of business, it has been important to make sure everyone has defined roles and responsibilities. Dad and Mum have been great at empowering us to grow, make mistakes and own our roles within the business."

You might wonder, why cherry juice? 

It's not just red and tasty; it's the secret to restful sleep during the holiday season and beyond. In a world of sleepless nights, Eden Orchards' Cherry Juice comes as a starry lullaby. 

Cherries are a natural source of melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep patterns. By consuming 100% pure cherry juice, you're providing your body with the melatonin it needs to ease into a deep, uninterrupted sleep. 

Silent Night, Peaceful Dreams 

It's not just their thousands of testimonials that supports the Bignell family's dedication to their product. Their own experience with the restful benefits of cherries, particularly during the start of each season when cherries are included in their diets, led to the creation of their prized product. 

But that's not all. The benefits of this refreshing cherry juice extend beyond sleep. It is a healthy, antioxidant-rich addition to your daily routine and a delightful drink to enjoy any time. 

As part of MyTreat's ‘Christmas Calm’ December Box, we thought the ‘Sparkling Cherry Juice’ would be the perfect addition, especially during the silly season when a good night's sleep is a must. Enjoy Eden Orchards' 100% Pure Cherry Juice with an added festive bubble! Cheers!

Some Quickfire Q&A With Gary Bignell, Founder-Owner Of Eden Orchards

Q: Any Christmas care tips (or family traditions you want to share?) or how to survive the silly season?
A: You need to eat well, sleep well and keep short accounts! Our household is busier and more stressful than most at Christmas as it is the cherry season too!
Q: What does wellness mean to you? How do you personally practice wellness and self-care?
My wife Steph and I spend 30 minutes at the end of everyday debriefing and spending one-on-one time together to reflect on the day and unwind. This is valuable time for both of us. 
Q: Any exciting, new projects for 2024?
We are relocating into a new factory premises for the upcoming season, along with our biggest production goals to date! We have a busy start planned for 2024.

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