Its official, we have moved! And while we are still working to make the space beautiful, we are very excited to finally have room to spread out. There is a place for everything (and everyone), so we can focus on finding more treats for you. This extra space is only possible because of the ongoing support from our customers. Why is MyTreat growing? Because we are different to the rest.... here are a few things you maybe didnt know about MyTreat! 

  1. The value inside your box... Our boxes really are the best value subscription boxes in New Zealand. Full size products, beautiful underwear and high value, low cost for each box. More space allows us to bulk buy more amazing treats so we can find even more exciting deals, and offer even better boxes. We have struggled to keep up with demand for certain sizes over the last few months, and by having room to store our products, we can finally get our hands on enough so we don't have to sell out every month. 
  2. The community... Establishing a network of amazing suppliers who are genuinely interested in helping MyTreat grow has been crucial for maintaining a level head and understanding the ups and downs in the beauty industry. Companies like Linden Leaves, Regional Health, ByNature and PHB have been incredible with their advice and tips, and general willingness to help MyTreat grow and improve. We have tried to create a community of both MyTreat customers, and suppliers, and as little challenges have popped up along the way, it has been this community that has helped us get through it. 
  3. The break up... Initially when I had the idea for MyTreat, I thought help was needed to assist with the packing and distribution, so I invited a partner to join me in the business. After less than 6 months this business relationship broke down. It was an extremely challenging time. Emotionally and financially. I was committed to the vision I had for these boxes and for my customers, but there was added pressure to make a profit, or at least an income. I was not however, prepared to compromise the box quality, I was driven by the idea of treating hard working women and I knew there was a significant amount of ‘doing it for love’ that had to go into starting MyTreat. While a lot of retail businesses work on a much larger mark up, I always believed it was more about putting in the hard work to grow the customer base. It took 12 months before anyone got paid a cent, but nothing worth it ever comes easily and I am now in a position to employ helpers who are as excited by the concept as I am. The vibe in the office is all about our MyTreat family, we provide a service to extremely deserving customers and while it has been a lot of late nights, weekends and roping in family and friends to reach this point, we are now finally in the swing of things.
  4. The relationships... While MyTreat is an online business, the relationships are much more tangible, and loyalty from our customers comes as a result of giving great and consistent service. Both internally and with external suppliers, allowing people to understand why we are doing this, and openly asking for help and support where needed has been the only way to learn the best way forward. 
  5. The location... we are not in the big city, we are located on a rural property with views of hills and fields in every direction. While most beauty subscription companies are in Auckland, MyTreat is based out of beautiful Central Otago and we think the fresh country vibes make it into every one of your packages when they are packed with love by our team. 
  6. The Price... One of the initial considerations when developing the MyTreat concept was price. The service needed to be accessible to everyone and while the price has remained, the value inside each box has continued to increase. Keeping our boxes accessible is one of the key reasons we have offered our weekly pay service. We want as many hard working women to have the chance to treat themselves no matter their budget. 
  7. The underwear... We are the only NZ subscription company to offer beautiful new underwear to our customers, this means if you cant remember the last time you went shopping for cute, comfortable new knickers, you can sign up to get your beauty box loaded with quality treats, and also receive 2 pairs of cute new underwear every month. And in our opinion, when its practical styles, pretty detail, and comfortable fabrics, a girl can never have too many pairs. 
  8. The future... We are the only subscription company in New Zealand to work with our wide variety of quality suppliers. When we started MyTreat there was only one main beauty box competitor, and all their products came from one distributor. MyTreat work with many brands, across lots of different distributors, and direct with emerging skincare companies, this means we can offer great value and great variety. It also means we can aim for better in terms of packaging and natural ingredients. We have made it our mission to find even more brands, and continue to offer a wide variety of new and well known products across all our boxes, which is why our customers can justify their ongoing subscriptions. No double ups, well planned boxes, and amazing products every month. 
  9. The team.... while our office looks big, its actually not costing MyTreat a cent. We have moved our family into a new home with a perfect size spare room, and huge workshop. My hubby has sacrificed his tool space so we can spread out, and rather than paying for a big office and lots of staff we make sure our operating costs are absolute minimum.  Chloe our office wiz kid, does the job of 2, and our part time packers come on board only when we need, so we can put your investment back into producing the most amazing boxes and continue to grow through word of mouth.
  10. The service... In a recent customer survey sent to nearly 3000 women, not one of our customers, past or present said our service levels were poor.  In fact, 83.1% said they were excellent, and this is becuase we are in it for different reasons. We are doing this so women feel treated, we know how hard they work, and we want to make everyone have a really good experience. So the focus on service is high, and we are keen to resolve any issues that do pop up along the way, just as we would for a friend or family member. Our customers are our focus, not the bottom line, and not how much money we make, people ask me what I am passionate about (often assuming I am obsessed with beauty products etc) but the reality is I am obsessed with excellent service, and from starting my first job to starting MyTreat, I have always been focused on creating great experiences for people.








Thank you for all your support along the way and whether you are a past, present or future customer, we are grateful you have stumbled on us and hope we can deliver you more exciting boxes in the near future. 

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