The Mint Republic's 'Reckless' Scent And Its Fearless Founder, Rachel Warren

The Mint Republic's 'Reckless' Scent And Its Fearless Founder, Rachel Warren

We're delving into the world of 'Reckless' by The Mint Republic and its founder, Rachel Warren. Learn about the inspiration behind this fragrance and its connection to the brand's muses. Explore Rachel's journey, her New Zealand roots, and her collaboration with her sister, Hannah, all while gaining insight into the NZ brand's ethos and design philosophy.

What does 'NZ Designed Luxury Lifestyle' mean to you?
We design for a little bit of luxury with the Kiwi aesthetic and values in mind. We believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and we keep that top of mind when we are designing and creating anything from jewellery to candles, fragrances and even our packaging.

What was it like growing up in New Zealand?
My family actually emigrated to New Zealand when I was 6 years old. I still remember arriving in Wellington and LOVING how colourful everything seemed to be from my home town of London. People, culture and the outdoors were some of my favourite memories of growing up here.

How is it like working with your younger sister Hannah?
Whilst Hannah isn’t ‘in’ the business like she used to be, she is the ultimate sounding board and brand stylist for the Republic Road collection – I pass all designs and copy through her for her honest and critical eye. She first conceptualised the brand in 2017 with our range of capsule jewellery made in silver and gold called 'MUSE'. It was based on our 3 ultimate muses: The Reckless, The Resolute, The Resilient — each signifying a stage of a woman’s journey through life.

Tell us the inspiration and story behind 'Reckless' Scent Essentials Fragrance Roller? What does the word 'Reckless' mean to you?The Reckless is one of our key muses. When I began conceptualising our fragrance range, I really wanted each fragrance to capture the essence of our muses. With our Reckless muse, we know that she is on a journey of discovery, enjoying life, meeting new people, having new experiences and taking risks.

The fragrance is complex, sweet and light in the top notes but ultimately has a mid and base of anticipation and substance. One of the hardest things in the world is to capture fragrance in words but you can check out our dull description and the fragrance notes here.

Where do you get your inspiration for new products from?
I love designing new products but I also am very mindful of not designing for the sake of it. Our world is full to the brim of amazing brands and products and it is not always necessary to add more just because you ‘can’ so I really sit on ideas for a long time before creating them. Inspiration comes from being out in the world, shopping and browsing, travel and real life need for quality products or designs.

What does wellness mean to you? How do you personally practice wellness and self-care?
Wellness took on a new meaning for me in 2019 when I experienced horrendous anxiety and panic attacks for a long time. Wellness to me starts in the mind, it starts with the words we speak over ourselves and allow others to. That is why Republic Road has such a strong sense of self. Why we personify each of our collections and product descriptions — we want to remind YOU how important and special you are and that life is a journey, like a road with twists and turns, great views and even deep dark valleys. We want you to embrace the journey.

I personally spend a lot of time walking up my local mountain with my BIG 43kg puppy and I have relearnt the art of breathing well. My next aim is to find a dang hobby. Everything I do turns into work but I am really loving photography — I love taking product photos!

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